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Magazines - Past And Present
by RRR/Oxyron

In the late 1980s the era of scene related magazines started. Some people produced paper magazines but it was no easy task to get them spread and distributed since the quality loss with an every new copy. Let's not talk about the costs to get them copied and spread, too. And if you have got a copy of a copy of a copy the content was hard to read. It's wasn't really a pleasure to read them anymore. To get rid of the problems paper magazines did cause the evolution brought disk magazines which replaced the good old paper magazines later on. Just alone the advantages of the simple distribution on disk and the fact that the quality of the production won't get weaker with an every new copy were big advantages for both producers and readers.

The latest trend in this row are magazines published as PDF documents. They are easy to spread, the format can be displayed by almost all platforms and the content can be printed for the ones who prefer to read on paper. A quite smart solution if you'd like to concentrate on the content in first case.

In the late 80s and early 90s there existed a lot of different types of disk magazines. Next to the typical prototype covering a wide range of scene related topics some were focusing special interests, too. There were special interest magazines for coders, graphic artists, music composers or for mail traders next to other productions reporting about the hacking scene, too. Some were focusing on the board scene, others were directed to the mail scene, some tried to unite both target groups. Many of those productions disappeared as fast as they have entered the market.

Back in time scene magazines were produced to inform the sceners what was going on or in other words to keep them up to date. The content of regulary (read monthly) released publications was focusing on news, gossip, charts, party reports and contact addresses as the most important aspects.

Various group homepages, portals and databases have taken over the task to keep you informed. And what about finding new contacts? Today it's pretty simple to get in touch using the Internet. IRC, instant messengers, e-mail, ... You can virtually meet people which you would have never met 20 years ago. The choice is yours alone. The past offered mail trading or calling the boards as primary options. Things became more easy and faster these days. Do you think things became better?

What are the benefits for the scene and disk magazines? Are there any benefits? It was never more comfortable to produce content for disk magazines regarding the technical side. You can easily type your texts wherever you want, not having the need to write your articles on the good old breadbox anymore. You can use a desktop PC, a notebook, a netbook or a smartphone just to name a few options to produce content. Cross-development as keyword makes things more easy and comfortable. Hardware problems and corrupt disks sound like stories from another century. There is no execuse left, except for lazyness of course. ;)

What about the content? What are news still news or "just" a summary of what happened, a short abstract to remind you of what happened between the past and present issue? Release charts were quite popular in the 80s and 90s. Are there enough releases left to compile something worth to be called release charts? While talking about contact addresses are there still people left exchanging software via snailmail? Is there still a need for such a section or has the traditional addresses section been replaced by e-mail addresses, FTP-servers and homepage URLs?

But what is the future of disk magazines in our scene? Is the concept totally outdated? What do you think about the future of scene magazines? What kind of magazines are prepared to master the coming challenges? What are the main tasks for a magazine staff to be prepared for the coming years?

Why does this article looks like a questionaire? Because we take care and think about what we are doing. Valueable feedback is very important for a production like this. What are your interests? Does someone care about our contents? Are people interested in what we are publishing? Imagine you receive a reaction like that you have done a good job but the reviewer doesn't remember the content anymore. Well, thank you for your kind and friendly comment, but if you are releasing a magazine that's like a punch in your face. No, it's not a knockout yet, but that's nothing to bring a magazine staff further.

Reactions focusing on soundtrack and artwork are very nice, too. Of course they are necessary and no doubt they are very important to honour the work of the artists who have spent hours to support the magazines. But hey, we aren't talking about a slideshow or a music collection. In first case we are a disk magazine and would like to know about what you think about the texts. Are they boring or totally uninteresting? Did you start thinking about topics and share our opinions? Please don't ignore the content in our reactions. Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot for your attention. We are looking forward to read and discuss your opinions in the coming edition of Attitude.

Best regards,

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