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by RRR/Oxyron

Do you remember what happened at 2005-12-11 and 2010-02-17? Those dates are reflecting the official release dates of Attitude #09 and #10. That's exactly 1529 days, approx. 50 months or if you prefer about 4 years. Quite a long period, don't you agree?

All the material used in Attitude #10 has been produced in that period. Some was made with a timestamp closer to 2005 while other things were made in a period closer to 2010. We were quite happy to get back on track and to release Attitude #10 after that huge delay. We were and we are grateful for all contributions which made it possible for us to "return".

Of course there are several things which could be improved in the coming issues but on the other hand we were quite pleased with the comeback issue.

Let's see what kind of feedback has been sent.

Darth Plagueis/Avatar/KrionyX

"Well, I'm glad you appreciated the great response all of you have received on such a nice zine. When I first got back into the C64 in 2007, Attitude was one of the first magazines I started reading, and it quickly became my favorite. I realize that the main objective in writing a magazine is to provide quality reading material, and I think all the Attitudes really deliver in that area. However, where it excels above all others (and in my opinion, even above such huge favorites like Vandalism, and Domination) is in style, and aesthetic appeal. I love the interface, and I love the incredible tunes from dudes like Maktone, Orcan, Dalezy, and others. RRR is simply one of the best logo artists in the biz, and I was saddened to see his handle listed as "inactive" in the Oxyron roster. Now that he seems to be back, I hope he stays active, along with the rest of the Attitude staff. I said I loved the interface, and I do, but I guess I liked the old one (as seen in Attitude #4, #5 and others) a bit better, because I tend to be a minimalist about certain things. One problem I have with Vandalism News, is that... though it's a great mag filled with wonderful content... the interface is too fiddly for my tastes. Anyway, most of all, and more than anything else, I miss Puterman's tutorials... which really are responsible for me being in the scene today, as a coder. I hope he doesn't leave the scene, but it looks as though he's already out. Anyway, the return of Attitude was a wonderful gift, and you have my eternal offer to write any kind of article you need, that I might be able to supply. This letter you are now reading is not my best writing, but if you ever want to hear a perspective of opinion and enthusiasm from one of the newest most eager members of the demo community, feel free to call on me.

Brett, Darth Plagueis/KrionyX/Forces of Evil/Avatar/Retro (Amiga)

Ps. Oh, and I meant to say... when I go back and read issues #4, #5, or #6 again on my PAL C64 (I live in NTSC land and have both) I crank up the volume loud, and always get that "feeling", where I have chills up my spinal column as I emotionally relive those months nearly 3 years ago, when the basics of low level manipulation of the VIC-II were forming coherent memories in my mind and nothing but joy surrounded me. Thanks Attitude."

RRR replies:

Many thanks for your feedback and the kind words. All over the years we tried to present an interesting magazine with a bright palette of scene related topics, trying to cover the most important aspects as well as some niches. It's nice to see that people appreciate our work and try to support us for future publications.

Towards my person. Many thanks for the flowers. :) After all those years in the scene I don't care anymore about other people defining my status as active or inactive. During my scene career I used to and actually do provide material and support whenever it is requested. If the criterion to define my activity level is to look at my online time in the well known IRC channels or at CBM 64 scene related forums/boards you can easily describe my scene affiliation as having quitted a long time ago. If it's necessary to visit scene related events like parties or meetings you can define my status as inactive. But who cares? ;)

Regarding Puterman's tutorials please continue reading his reaction.


"As for leaving the scene, I guess I have, more or less. But well, never say never, you never know if I'll have a relapse. If I come up with an idea for a tutorial, Attitude will be my number one choice for publication. :)"

And some months later he continued with the follwing lines:

"Attitude has been my favorite diskmag since the first issue. I find it amazing that you find the energy to keep producing new issues, with so little happening in the scene these days. I've pretty much lost interest in it myself, but it's really nice to see that some people keep the scene going."


"Since Attitude, Oxyron and their crew are some of my C64 idols, it's really shame not being able to vote for them. Also I've joined Plush team and it was my first votesheet which I wasn't able to vote for Plush stuff and members. Specially "4k intros" section was really hard this time. ;)

Thanks to last issue of Attitude, I had a new snailmail contact after many years. But unfortunately I've nothing to send back for now. But I'm planning a nice surprise for him. :) If you have addies section in this issue again, my last contact information and notes are still unchanged.

I don't have much to say about last issue, I'm too lazy to re-read it. But I remember two things:

1) Charts section was great. This is a very powerful side of this magazine.
2) Opinions section was well prepared.

This doesn't mean other sections were not good. It means I don't remember the rest. :)

Thanks for continuing the hard work and releasing new issues. WE NEED YOU!!!


RRR replies:

Thanks a lot for your reaction. We hope to meet your expectations this time again.


"Great work. Thank you. When will be next issue? In 2011?"

RRR replies:

You are welcome. 2011? It seems we were prepared to release it a little bit earlier. :)

Furthermore there are some short reactions without additional comments:

Richard/TND/Blazon/Civitas (CSDb)

"Nice to see another issue of Attitude. The commentary in the diskmag was very informative and well opinionated. The music inside the diskmag was excellent. There was an interesting article on programming vector techniques. Hope you guys can add the source on to codebase as well."

Grennouille/Avatar (CSDb)

"RRR for Causeries, CSDb Pouet & Co.: I completly agree with you."

Magic/Nah-Kolor (Pouet)

"Nice one! I liked the CSDb/Pouet article especially!"

Feedback is always welcome and necessary to develop this publication further. Please do not hesitate to inform us about all positive and negative aspects you have noticed in the current issue. Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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