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Scene News
by Taper/Triad

Time for another chapter filled with news from the scene! Let's see what's been happening, since the last issue of Attitude. Scandals? Breakthroughs? Treacherous acts of traitorism? Read on to find out... And don't forget to give inside tips and news to our eagerly evesdropping journalists!


Booze and Instinct came in on third place at X'2010 with their fine coop demo "Mekanix". Also it turned out to be their last coop demo too... Although rumours had been buzzing in certain parts of the Swedish scene for a while, it came as a shock to many when all the members of Instinct jumped ship just a week after X'2010 and joined up with Booze Design instead. Of course this means a massive reinforcement of Booze, adding RaveGuru, Archmage and Jackasser to the ranks.

Members: HCL, Dane, Jailbird, Archmage, RaveGuru, Jackasser


Crest released a real shocker at the last Breakpoint party in Germany, and totally smashed all competition in the wild compo. BluREU, requiring a mindboggling 16MB REU attached to the breadbin, is perhaps in theory nothing more than an advanced slideshow, but that does in no way take anything away from this amazing show. This release alone is a reason to buy a 1541U, mind you...

It was coded by Crossbow & S.E.S. with some external help by Bitbreaker/Nuance, graphics by Carrion and Deekay, and music by Linus and Jeff. Rumours of PC sceners wetting themselves when this was shown on the bigscreen are circulating...

In August they put out a new version of their gfx editor NUFLI Editor 1.11, which was followed by Mufflon 1.0, a PC based converter tool.

Also Carrion was declared inactive due to being too busy with other things, a real shame considering his abilities. However, at least Crest talked him out of leaving the group completely, which he first was set out to do.

Members: Crossbow, Cyclone, DeeKay, Drax, Jeff, Joe, Linus, Mitch, ptoing, S.E.S, TCH, The Syndrom, Xayne


Dekadence haven't been a wonder of activity during 2010. After reaching the third place with the tune "Namevote This Sucka" by Player One at Assembly Summer, we haven't heard a thing from the saunaspanking Finns.

However, recently they gained two new members to their ranks, the graphician Ansichrist and Musician T-101. Ansichrist, who joined Dekadence during the Alternative Party in late October also released his first picture there, a fine piece of art entitled "Old Hippie". Besides, his handle is hillarious...

Members: Ansichrist, Britelite, ccr, Chaj, Fragment, Jaffa, LordNikon, Maza, Pinza, Player One, Proteque, Ricky Martin, Sanity, SounDemon, Spiikki, T-101, Tribe



Reed represented FLT in the best possible way by securing the first spot in the Breakpoint mixed music competition with his tune "Flamethrower". This was the first release we've seen from Reed since 2007, let's hope for more...

At X'2010 FLT released the demo "We Are New", which scored second place. The demo contained some obvious flirting with Panda Design, but well informed sources say Fairlight's bold proposal was turned down by the Pandas. Nevertheless, the demo is fine work by Abaddon, Hollowman, Pantaloon, Louie64, Tempest and some guest artists. Also two neat pictures competed in the graphics compo, "Blood Vanilla" by Louie and "5.7" by Oxidy.

Members: Abaddon, Bacchus, Dwangi, Hollowman, Louie64, Maktone, Oxidy, Pantaloon, Puterman, Reed, Sledge, Tempest, Vodka, Zabutom



G*P might be a small group these days since the rebuilding, but there has been significant membership shuffles since the last issue. First they recruited Hedning, a Swedish former Atari ST scener who has started a new career as a graphician. Then X-Jammer, a previously unknown musician, joined in aswell.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Jucke decided to leave the group he had been loyal to since 1992. As the last man standing when G*P disbanded and most members joined up with F4CG back in 1995, he was the sole G*P member until Sixx decided to make a return to the group he once left for F4CG. Naturally, we were intrigued and asked Jucke if he could give us an explanation to his departure, which he did, and we quote:

"The main reason for me leaving G*P is that F4CG offered more originals and callingcards, and that the leader is a bit lame".

As for releases, they put out two nice little tools, "HiColEdit" and "Executable Image Release 3", both coded by Magervalp. We also learned they have a project cooking that might be a bit of a surprise to some... Due to a kind request, we refrain from spilling the beans on that subject at the moment.

During the last weekend of October, Hedning hosted a meeting in Lund, entitled Y2010. People present, were Hedning and X-Jammer from G*P, Taper, Itch and iopop from TRIAD, Frantic/HT, Jucke, Bepp and Avalon. A meetingdemo with the same name as the event was released, with code by Itch, music by Avalon and gfx by Hedning.

Members: Sixx, Magervalp, Hedning, X-Jammer


As stated before, all members quit the group and joined Booze Design instead, which would leave Instinct dead as a corpse... However, RaveGuru decided to remain as an inactive member in Instinct after all, putting the group in some kind of cryochamber. Apparently, he didn't want to totally pull the plug on the group he once created, but it's unlikely that the group will make a comeback in the forseeable future.

The Attitude staff salute Instinct for all their efforts during the years!

Members: Raveguru (inactive)


It's not that N0stalgia is the most active group around, but when they do release, you can bet on it being darn good! In the middle of May, they put out the definite version of Toki. A REU is required for the full experience, but even on a stock c64 this is the best version you can find of the game. Responsible were S!R and 6R6. In late november, they also released "Fat Tracks Buster v1.0" by Fungus, a tool to combat fat tracks protected software from Electronic Arts.

In December they also gained two new members, Archmage and Ksubi.

Members: 6R6, Fungus, Ksubi, Archmage, Yoko Inc.


Offence have gained momentum again since PAL woke up the group after many years of silence and initiated a cooperation with Prosonix. Not only have they released some excellent productions, but also recruited a bunch of members.

Disregarding the joke release "Germany 2010" from this summer, which really wasn't funny anyway, they soon released two cool 4kB intros, "Victrip" and "Going To X". And went to X they did, with a demo named "Another Beginning" which ended up grabbing the first spot in the demo compo! Not a bad comeback, that's for sure!

In November they released a smaller demo at Kindergarten 2010 in Norway, entitled "Kinderegg". As for members, the newest recruits joining Offence are Killsquad, Groms and Zaphod.

Members: Bjoern Rostoen, Challenger, Control, freQvibez, Groms, Killsquad, Kribust, Lowboy, Olav Morkrid, Pal, Perplex, Preben, Stein Pedersen, Tim, Waffel, Zaphod


Onslaught has been releasing at a steady phase during the whole year and it would be tedious to list every single release here. However, quite a few releases deserve to be mentioned.

"Game Demo Pack 3" containing some interesting previews was put out by Jazzcat and enthusi during the summer, followed a few weeks later by the excellent "Uwol - Quest For Money", trained by Ian Coog. Onslaught frequently hiring Ian Coog for work on various titles show that they still haven't fully overcome their lack of active crackers.

As summer took its last breath, issue 53 of Vandalism News was released, together with Wrath Designs as usual. Then a whole bunch of Onslaught members went to X'2010, and releases were plenty. The demo "The Year We Make Contact", the music collection "Richard Joseph Tribute", the game preview "Hawkey 2 Teaser" and Deev's contribution for the graphics compo, "Dislocate" was all put out during the party. Members who attended X were Almighty God, Booker, Conjuror, Conrad, enthusi, Jazzcat, Leming, Macx, PSycHo8580, Scout, Slator, SounDemoN, White Flame and ZZAP69.

Next out was a real kicker, "Maniac Mansion Mercury", a re-hash of Maniac Mansion for the easyflash cart by enthusi and Conrad. Let's hope for 1541U support soon, as not that many have easyflash carts yet.

The latest Onslaught crack to date was another good game, "Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle", trained and passwords provided by none other than Slator! A good version of a classy game, and perhaps a reactivated Slator is the solution to Onslaught's previous problem with lack of crackers?

AMB, Stash and Vengeance were declared inactive, Booker left the group and instead they gained Conjuror who left The Force.

Members: Adam Morton, Almighty God, Conrad, Conjuror, Deev, Ed, enthusi, Hein, Honesty, Jazzcat, Leming, Macx, Psycho8580, Scout, Slator, SounDemon, White Flame, Zzap69

BBS: Antidote [TRIAD+Onslaught HQ],


Oxyron secured the second spot in the graphics competition at Breakpoint with Veto's picture "Don't Mess Up With Mama", made in glorious NUFLI. Yazoo also released a picture at that party, honoring TRSI with a 20th anniversary logo.

A preview of an upcoming puzzle game, "Pieces 2", made by Oxyron, appeared in the end of August. The full game will be sold via Protovision, and judging from the preview well worth a purchase.

At X'2010 Veto once again released a brilliant picture, winning the first place in the gfx compo. Other than that, Oxyron has put down much work into this very issue of Attitude, the first issue published together with TRIAD.

Memberwise, Kasmo and Oys obtained inactive status, while they gained the German coder Peiselulli.

Members: Axis, DJ Gruby, Fanta, Graham, Peiselulli, RRR, Veto, Yazoo



Not much to be seen from Panda Design the last couple of months, but Klegg and RadiantX have been competing in various music competitions, and Frost competed in the gfx compo at X'2010. RadiantX even won the mixed music compo at Compusphere 2010 in December with the hectic tune "Reactor Stage One".

Memberwise, no changes have occured.

Members: RadiantX, Klegg, Frost


Dalezy represented TRIAD at Breakpoint 2010 and came in on second place in the mixed music competition with his tune "Knucklebastards".

A few weeks later, Sailor took another break from his retirement and released a specially tweaked version of the "Spectacular Copy - Turbo To Disk" tool. If you have lots of Turbo tapes to transfer, don't miss out on this one!

Two games were also released. The adventure game "Another Kingdom Prv+" which was heavily shorted and levelsqueezed by Itch and Taper. After that came "Pieces 2 Preview", developed by Oxyron and to be published by Protovision, onefiled and levelpasswords provided by Itch.

Then Ne7 won third place with his tune "Summoner" at Sundown 2010 in early September.

Naturally, the TRIAD'ers were shocked by the demise of their old skipper Jerry, who passed away on the 20th of September. For many members it was also a personal loss of a dear friend they've known for many years. However, it was the will of Jerry to keep TRIAD going, and so the current members are determined to struggle on.

iopop and Twoflower were present at X'2010, and Jerry was honored with a picture of him on the big screen. The music collection "Sounds Of The Amiga #2" was released live at the party, with code by iopop, gfx by Twoflower and covertunes by Dalezy and Ne7.

Now, time for some rumour control... Contrary to reports in Vandalism News, Intensity has not joined TRIAD, and Killsquad who was on the inactive list departed for Offence (as most know, TRIAD does not allow dual memberships, except for special labels).

Members: King Fisher, Cash, Twoflower, Tao, iopop, Taper, Spot, Ne7, Dalezy, Itch, Wiggen

BBS: Antidote [TRIAD+Onslaught HQ],


As usual, the members of Wrath put a great deal of work and effort into the latest Vandalism News, issue 53. However, other than that things have been quiet, and we hope to see a new Wrath production soon!

Members: Clone, Crimson, Djinn, Ed, Joe, Zealot, Stash, Savage


Hokuto Force made a comeback with a series of oldie cracks. Even though it's been many months since May, we have to mention Kaizen's good crack of Outrun Europe. Bugfixed, +9 trained and a brand new crack intro, all quality! More recently The Mad Scientist and The Overkiller of HF released three new oldie cracks, "Metabolis", "Jet Set Willy" and "Felix In The Factory", all of them trained and polished up. Let's hope for more goods from HF soon!

The Polish group Black Sun released the 100% version of their demo "Black Spark", which originally reached second spot in the Breakpoint C64 demo competition. Then they also released the music collection "Anti-Hero" followed by a bunch of other small but nice releases.

Frantic and Goto80 hosted a workshop on how to make SID music in defMON at a computer convention in Malmoe, Sweden. Later they played a live set together with Jucke. Also Dino/Up Rough was present.

The Force (Australia) is practically dead since Conjuror left the group.

Munkey/Ikon Visual made a comeback and released the demo "Vertex", winning the Syntax party demo compo in the process. Not that there was much competition, but "Vertex" is a fine little presentation, and also the first from Ikon Visual since 1991!

Lepsi and Miracles are working on their new demo, which is planned for release at Silesia Party 5 in September 2011. Their efforts are going to be supported by Piesiu, a graphic artist from the Atari and Spectrum demo scene, who has recently joined their demo-making team. Also Arise and Albion announced to participate with their own productions in the demo compo at Silesia Party 5.

Slator/Onslaught, Peiselulli/Oxyron and Veto/Oxyron also joined up with Arsenic. In addition, Arsenic also gained a new member called Philler.

Randall joined Arise.

Jan Harries (Rambones) disbanded his group SIDwave (just in case anybody missed the drama).

Berlin C64 Club is hosting BCC Party #5 on the 25-27 February 2011. More info can be found at

Oxbow/Xenon announced that a new X party will be held in Holland in 2012. This is still an unconfirmed rumour though, as some sources claim Oxbow was heavily intoxicated while making the announcement...


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