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Breakpoint 2010 Report
by DJ Gruby/Oxyron

There was no demo party ever before that made me so tired after coming back home more than this year's Breakpoint. But believe me, it was so worthy to be there, and there will be such a big gap to fill in after the event that was held for the very last time in its rich history in the beautiful town of Bingen am Rhein. I fully understand all the reason behind making this decision, but the whole demo scene is going to miss Breakpoint too much.

So many things happenning, so many people arriving, so many cool releases published in C64, Amiga and PC categories. There was no other party that made us all so happy we could be the part of it. The applause that was received by the organizers on Monday's morning was truly deserved. Their endless effort in making the history of the computer demo scene for the past seven years, and I believe the enthusiasm accompanying the whole event means that nothing is really over, and as Scamp suggested during his closing words to the audience there was going to be no good reason that we stay home at Easter 2011.

A really cool thing of such a big party, and which is very frustrating on the other hand, is the number of visitors. I am not quite sure about the actual number of Breakpoint 2010 guests, but I have heard about some 1050 people. Let me explain why do I find it so ratty. I bet there were plenty of guys I know from their scene activies, perhaps we had a talk at IRC once. But with so many people being there, it is impossible to meet them all. Even now when I look at the list of vistors, I tell myself oh no, he had been there and we had not talked to each other. Why...

It was really cool thing to meet in person and to have so many interesting talks with people like Veto/Oxyron (no doubt the author of the best picture in the C64 graphics competition this year), Nightlord/Glance (a truly deserved winner of the C64 demo compo, together with the rest of Turkish guys), Kordiaukis/Arise (I bet the winning musicians of the compo should be glad he had not released his new amazing tune), not counting guys from other platforms, especially such a strong representation of the Amiga demo scene - you should have seen how happy Kiero was while receiving his price for the best Amiga demo. Some non-scene guys and girls were also there, and it was also pure fun to hang out with them all, you would really get this positive feeling that the spirit of the demo scene is not limited just to us - nerds. ;)

The journey to Breakpoint 2010 had started for me on Friday's afternoon when I arrived at the international airport in Katowice. Well, the airport is not really located in Katowice, it is some 30 kilometers away from the capital city of Silesia region, and I guess this is just a marketing trick to advertise it with catchwords like "Fly from Katowice". It had been some one hour before a take off, I had not been checking in any baggage, so I had went straight to pass the control gate, turned around, and then saw the grinning face of Sebaloz/Lepsi De. He had seemed very fortunate when the gate squeaked, and he had to be circumstantially controlled by an airport officer. We moved to the waiting area, and saw even more known faces - Hakon and AceMan had already been there, awaiting the same flight to the Hahn airport. Before we got on board, we had even met two another guys flying to Breakpoint, I just cannot recall their handles now, but they were from a PC scene I guess.

Soon after we had landed in Hahn, I got a phone call from Kordiaukis, informing me that it had been a matter of just two minutes before he came to pick us up. We had travelled quite fast, I believe it was a matter of half an hour before we reached the usual party place (expressways in Germany are so amazing). We had found an empty spot in the parking lot, got out of the car and before coming straight to the party place, each one of us had a bottle of Bitburger beer opened - thanks to Kordiaukis we had been perfectly supplied - two cases of Bitburger beer was just what we needed for the first day of the party. One beer after our trip had not been enough, so we had another one. We then entered the party place, paying the entrance fee, and heading toward a beer garden which was outside the main building. Plenty of our party-time we spent there, of course always coming back to the main hall when any important event, like competitions, had been taking place.

The weather during the party was relatively alright if you compare it to the forecast. Kordiaukis had warned us it had been really cold in the area, fortunately it was actually not that bad - the alcohol flowing through our veins throughout all the party was keeping us warm. Also the main hall itself was really warm, or I would even say it was hot - imagine the amount of heat produced by ten hundreds of men. It really had to be aired from time to time by the organizers, and so it was.

We found a really nice place at the corner of the main hall, where we sat together with Carrion/Crest. Carrion had presented us his compo picture, and some interesting tools. He was also doing a live blog and a twitter during the whole party, so anyone interested could stay up-to-date with everything what had been happening at the party place. Kordiaukis was trying to set up his C64, but he failed. We all were trying to find the reason, suspecting broken cables, what turned out the next day was that he had simply forgotton to switch on his TV-box, which was used to connect C64 to an LCD monitor. Well, this happens sometimes if you had got too many beers, but anyway... Kordiaukis presented us his latest music, which was already really cool, despite being composed only using two-channels at that time (I am really looking forward to the full version of his tune, as that is going to be a really nice comeback).

If you are looking forward to me writing about something I did not like about Breakpoint 2010, do not count on that. The organization was plainly perfect. The amount of experience those guys had gathered during all those years brought no mistakes on. Nothing at all. Every piece of information that should be delivered to the party people had been done so. The show being made, the competitions, the whole party was so cool that I am truly convinced that it was the best demo scene party that I have ever visited. Although this is Tuesday and I am unimaginably tired, I am still writing this report, because the word about Breakpoint 2010 truly deserves to be preached.

Perhaps you could have seen most of it live at the BPTV, or on YouTube. I was also really so positively astonished when I opened website on today's morning, and saw that so many details about the party were being reported each day by CreaMD. This helped me to understand what was the level of importance of this party to our community.

The vibe created by party visitors was amazing. There was a friendly atmosphere (except for one angry Norwegian from DarkLite group I really had not noticed any nastiness), the people shouting "Amiga" through the whole event, I guess everyone was having such a great time that coming back home was the only sad moment for all of us visiting Bingen am Rhein this year.

First day of the party Carrion had lost his jacket, fortunately he found it somewhere on Saturday. Nitro/Black Sun did not have that much luck, as he could not find his one that was lost too. Fortunately, the amount of money he had received for finishing second in the demo competition (270 Euros) should be enough to buy a new one. ;)

The only moment when we had left the main area of the party happened on Saturday. We went up and found a beverage warehouse. Each one of us - me, Kordiaukis, and Sebaloz - were carrying the whole new case of Bitburger beer. And even though I had been staying skeptical whether we would have actually needed that much beer, the reality proved that it was Sebaloz who had been right saying that there is no such thing as too much beer. :) Thanks to his sober thinking, we did not run out of beer till the very last day of the party.

One of the most funny (or, depending how you look at that, sick) crazy compos that were held at this year's Breakpoint, was the competition in eating mustard, taken at 23 in the Saturday's night. Our scene's representative was Kordiaukis. He and his competitor both managed to eat two whole jars of mustard. The organizers announced that the one who was going to eat the third jar the fastest would be the winner. Kordiaukis had put one spoon of mustard into his mouth, and... That was too much for him, he had to spew what he had just eaten.

We were sitting in a tent outside at that time. I remember that Edhellon/Resource and Clarence/Chorus had also joined us for an interesting conversation. I had also a word or two with Dalezy/Triad. And now I can say that this became a tradition that at each demo party I am having an amazingly interesting talk with Bugjam/The Dreams. And still, I am quite angry with myself that I did not manage to get to know all the people that I should have met, as another similar opportunity will come, at the earliest, in October at the X demo party in Holland.

In the Sunday noon, the organizers presented a really funny movie how they did travel to a supermarket on the day before, and took out some ten shopping carts full of Easter gifts, including choclate bunnies, and other delicious things.The transmission then had got switched into the live Breakpoint camera, the doors opened, and the organizers entered the party place with the same shopping carts, handing over the gifts to all of the party people. That was pure fun and they had received their very much deserved applause from the public.

I guess I have said enough by now. We could have talked for long hours how Breakpoint 2010 was great. But if you were not there, you just have to believe. I am pretty sure I am not alone with the opinion that Breakpoint is going to be remembered as one of the best demo party series in the history, and Breakpoint 2010 as one of the best demo parties ever held. I wish it was not over yet, I would love the party to last for even longer than four days, even though I had heard people saying that four days is a little bit too long, and that our livers would not bear with any day more of partying. But now when this is all over, I am coming back with my memories to what was happening in Bingen am Rhein on the Easter 2010, and I really miss those stunning four days of my life. The last Breakpoint ever was really the best Breakpoint ever! Thank you all for being the part of it, thank you for coming, for talking and boozing together with me, with special thanks to the whole organizing team for their immense effort put into organizing that awesome, awesome event!


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