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by Cactus/Samar

Hello! After a huge break "Attitude" magazine comes back onto your screen. I won't explain all the reasons for this delay, because I think they are not very interesting for you. I'm just happy that I could put the mag together at last and release it on August 2001, as promised!

The first issue of "Attitude" seemed to be a big success of Axelerate Crew, the magazine entered the charts very quickly and funny thing: it's still there! I really hope that after this issue we'll change our position only better! The sad news is that Axelerate Crew died in February 2001, so now the magazine is being released by Samar Productions (the group we're members of).

I would like to say big thanks to all people, who helped me with this issue! There are so many guys and without their help, "Attitude #2" would be delayed once again, may be forever. Now I can promise that such a long delay won't be repeated and the third edition should be out much faster.

As the first issue, our magazine contains mainly C-64 and scene related chapters. There are also a few articles about non-scene topics, but I think that they are also very interesting.

All the musics available for you from the music menu have been exclusively composed for "Attitude #2", so I would like to thank all composers very much for their help (list of them comes later in this chapter).

I'm sure you've noticed the new outfit of this issue. It was coded by me, then improved by my friend Fenek/Arise, whom I would like to thank very much!

Some articles are a bit delayed, but I suppose they are still interesting to read. I don't want to get ahead of mag's contents, I think you should just read all chapters. Check them out and do not forget to send us your reaction!

Is 24 articles enough? I think so... And I hope you didn't expect more from us? Even though the delay was so huge that we could get many more articles, in fact the magazine was being made since June this year. The third issue will probably come with the new outfit again, but it's not 100% sure. If I find an inspiration to code it, I will. :-)

I think there's nothing more to add... Here you have the full credits of the magazine and some useful addresses...



- 4 everything concerning "Attitude"!
- Always 100% reply!

Official spreaders of "Attitude #2":


- get the mag and votesheet from them!



code (?): Cactus/Samar
graphics: JSL/Samar
fonts: Scarab/Arise
music: Phobos/Samar


code: Cactus/Samar
code (improved): Fenek/Arise
main picture: Luc/Agony
"Attitude" logo: JSL/Samar
fonts: Phobos/Samar

And here you have the complete list of all tunes used in the second issue of "Attitude". Try to notice that all of them were composed exclusively for the mag! That's why I want to say very big thanks to all of you guys, who gave the tunes for us!

"Neurosis" - Drax/Vibrants
"Millenium Music" - Bzyk/Samar
"Revolt End" - Daf/Samar
"Dance In The Rain" - Phobos/Samar
"Intelligent" - Arman/Xenon
"Beast 3 Title" - Yogibear/Protovision
"Earth" - Klax/Oxygen
"Like A Dream" - Phobos/Samar


Main editor: Cactus/Samar

Co-editors: Commander/Role, Thornchild/Angels, Zapotek/Samar

Guest editors: Derbyshire Ram/Remember, Jak T Rip/DMagic, O.B./RSi/TRSi, Puterman/Civitas, Ramos/Samar, The Overkiller/Hokuto Force, xIII/WOW, Yodelking/Defiers, Zeitgeist/Civitas

That's all in this editorial...

I wish you a lot of fun with reading the second issue of "Attitude"!


Ps1. There is a little problem with Daf's tune. It works good, but it is not looped. As I'm not a musician, I can't fix this problem, but I hope you can deal with it, or?

Ps2. As a bonus there are two unreleased pictures by Valsary/Elysium added to the magazine-disk. Check them out!

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