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Cracking - A Word Of The Past?
by o.b./RSi/TRSi

This is for nostalgic persons who love to look back on their good times of the past. Particularly, spoken of the time on our beloved combo-gombo, the C-64.

Since 1993 there are no protected games or wares worth becoming cracked, the cracking has gone, but not only for C-64, for all and forever.

Not to mention the situation on PC, take a look at the Amiga, it has been even worse there from 1994 on, so as we only know childish tries of protecting CD's and what have you, seen from my eyes, cracking has gone totally, once and forever.

We will not encounter this again.

The times, when we shared out AT&T's to get the Americano-cracks imported, I will never forget the time when TK/Triad tought me how to use a touch tone dialer and an AT&T card #.

I shall not forget the boards, where we leeched out asses of on "punter"-lines (non-echoing, with only little line-noise) or later "handy-term" with our insiderz-bluebox.

Later, we fixed for the USA's. Scene pretty much early died over there with having lots of teens already leaving 64 for Mac and especially PC. So we took over that job, especially the dudes from Germany, Holland and England.

We cracked, we trained, we crunched, we iffl'ed, we NTSC/Pal-fixed, we exported, we uploaded, we posted, we released, we released first, we ruled.

And today?

Like a black hole grabbing my heart, I feal it aching for I know that this great time will not return, especially the years 1987-1992 were the greatest. I ran like 10 telephone-conferences a day (=Europe's favourite conference operator EFCO). Many were busted (greets to Tom/New Edition, man we did it all!!!), some still sit in jail, others died in tragic accidents (Charlie/Varsity and 801 DC, I shall not forget you).

A N D F O R W H A T ??????

It has all gone. All that is left is some nostalgic orientated pioneers of the new. The new world, the new scene. But without cracking. All these new crackers would do is "bruteforcing" like on passwords. I compare that to Section 8 in 1985, they cracked like almost every game with their reset-buttons. We called them reset-crackers back then. But their cracks often looked like that.

No hard feelings. I shall die with a smile on my face to show I do not blame the young.

Cracking is dead. Gone. Forever.

O.B./RSI/TRSI 20.07.2001

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