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Interview With Silver Bullet
by Ramos/Samar

He's 32 years old and is still active on the scene. As he's a member of our group we would like you to know him better.

This interview was formerly prepared to be used in other disk magazine, but Cactus asked me to type it into "Attitude Editor" and release with the magazine. So I did. Enjoy this little interview then.

? - Ramos/Samar, interviewer

! - Silver Bullet/Samar, interviewed

?: At first tell us something about yourself.

!: As most of you know, my handle is Silver Bullet and I'm a mailtrader (or swapper as some of you like to call us) of the cool demo group Samar. My real name is Kenny, I am 32 years of age and I work in a large factory called "Kavli" here in the United Kingdom.

?: How did you take your interest in the C-64 scene?

!: I got my C-64 way back in 1986 which I used mostly for playing games. In 1989 I bought myself a 1541 disk drive and wrote to a few addresses I found in a paper magazine called "Micromart". A few of these guys replied, and that's where I began swapping disks. In 1990 I joined my first ever group Entropy, but sadly a few years later they died and so I joined up with Mayhem. I spent a year or so with Mayhem, but I became disappointed with Met's releases, so I decided to quit. Soon after, I received an offer from Ranz to join the Swedish based group Megaunit, and so I accepted. Sadly though, Megaunit died or became unactive around 1996/97. I'm not sure which, probably died I guess? Anyway, after the death of Megaunit I was surprised at the amount of offers I received, but after carefull consideration I decided to take up Centrax's offer and join the Polish based group Samar, which I might add that I'm very proud to be a part of! Thanks guys!

?: Why exactly the C-64 scene? I know you have also Amiga computer.

!: Yes, I do have an Amiga 1200, but it's the C-64 I grew up with. The C-64 holds so many great memories for me, and to me is a way of life. It has given me so much pleasure over the years which is why I feel I need to help keep this great scene alive!

?: I am aware of the fact that your job in the scene is swapping. Didn't you try any other proffession?

!: No! I made swapping disks a major part of my life. I wanted to try and build the best collection of C-64 wares, and become one of the best mailtraders around.

?: How many contacts do you have now? And what do you set a high value in your contacts on?

!: Hmmm. Difficult to say really. In my address book I have around 50 addies, but only 20 or so of them are currently active. Basically I judge my contacts on friendship, but it's also important to send 100% working disks!

?: Have you ever had any problems with post in your long swapper's career?

!: No, to be honest I can't say that I have ever encountered any problems with the postal services. I did try stamp cheating a while ago, but I soon stopped when I heard of other guys being busted!

?: What do you think about Polish C-64 scene and what was the reason for joining Polish demo group Samar?

!: The Polish C-64 scene is really alive, almost to the point where the British scene was in the late 80's. My reason for joining Samar was mainly due to its overwhelming qualities. They are very well established, respected, friendly and release top quality wares!

?: And what do you do out of the scene?

!: I work in a large factory called "Kavli" where I make cheese spread, dips and other savoury snacks.

?: What's your hobby?

!: Most of my spare time is used up with the C-64, but my other hobbies include football and motorsport.

?: What kind of music do you listen to and what artist do you like the most?

!: I enjoy listening to rap music, and in my opinion some of the best artists are Ice T, Dr.Dre, Ice Cube, Jurassic 5 and of course Silver Bullet.

?: Back to the scene... What's your opinion about today's C-64 scene and its situation?

!: After the commercial side of the C-64 scene began to fade in the early 90's many sceners guessed that it would soon be the end of the C-64, but here we are 10 years later in the year 2001!!! It seems like it could go on forever, and I truly hope it will, but no matter what anyone says, it is getting smaller every day.

?: How did you get your handle?

!: My handle was taken from the British rap artist known as Silver Bullet.

?: Who is the best in your opinion in following proffessions...

!: Code: Crossbow (Bow to the master)
Music: Jeff (Wicked tunes man!)
Gfx: Deekay (Simply awesome!)
Demo: Too many to mention!
Group: Ikari, Fairlight and Hotline were all great crack groups. Oxyron, Crest, Triad are all great demo groups.

?: Last words belong to you, greet as many friends as you want! :-)

!: I would like to greet in no order: Sebaloz/Lepsi De, C-Kidz/Mayhem, Stirf/Spiders-Crew, Ernie/Anubis, Fangorn/Alliance, Red Redby/Anubis, Code'18/Onslaught, Thornchild/Angels, Silverstar/Anubis, Rough/Chromance, Serio/Authority, Zapotek/Samar, Welli/Anubis, Mcc/Role, Flip/Centric, Taxim/Banshee, Viking/Tide, Faith/Role, Rascal/Tide, Yaro/Arise, all Samar members, especially Ramos and Centrax, all my inactive contacts (you know who you are!) and of course a very special thankyou to Commodore for building the C-64, which has become a legend in the 8-bit computer world!!!

?: Thanks for the nice interview.

!: You're very welcome.


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