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Interview With Scorpie
by Commander/Role

This is an interview with old Belgian scener, made by COMMANDER/ROLE.

C: Commander/Role

S: Scorpie/F4CG

C: Hello Jo, how are you nowadays?

S: Fine, thanks, just returned from my honeymoon to New York... Yes, some C-64 users do get married, lol...

C: Please tell the newer sceners about yourself and your scenelife now and in the past.

S: Hmm... You have enough space in your magazine to cover my entire C-64 life??? Well, I started 1985/86 on the C-64 from a friend, I had some contacts, who wanted to swap some games. This way I got in touch with some old groups like THE FANTASTIC FIVE (a Dutch group I still respect deeply), EAGLESOFT INC. and so on...

So I started out as a swapper. On a NFC copy party in Brussels I met some guys like Gizmo, The Wim, Chacke and we started WOW (Warriors Of the Wastelands, and NOT World Of Wonders, lol). Soon some more members joined and we formed a solid swapping group with lotsa contacts. We did some cracks but weren't to pcrackers. The Wim coded some demos, but he lost interest after doing some incredible stuff, his followers Helifax and Hitchiker weren't on his level, but we were in it for the fun and not for the competition. WOW got quite close with the Swiss group STARDOM, we discussed about a coop, but this only resulted in me, Kid, Helifax, Hitchiker and some others joining STARDOM. There we met Ninja... at the STARDOM-CRAZY party in Le Locle, Swiss. STARDOM splitted, so we needed to join another group. At that time Orion was being rebuilt by some old members and we teamed up with them. All went fine until some newcomers joined and started messing up, so we all left again and all went our own way. I joined the almighty demo group CREST. Had a wonderful time with them but left because I was a swapper and demo groups don't swap that much, lol. I joined MANOWAR but didn't like the group that much so I called up Solar and 5 minutes later I was in F4CG, according to Solar: "the place to be", got some of my friends joining (Kid and Tornado). All went well until there was a dispute between Kid and some other guys, can't remember what it was, but Kid decided to leave and since we were bloodbrothers I followed him... Kid entered the army and I rejoined WOW to take care of the organisation, but due to lack of time and interest I left when Kid was out of the army. From then on we changed groups like we change underwear and ended up in TRANSCOM+X-RAY, BAD BATCH (with Reset, Hobbit, Skywolf...), and finally returned to F4CG to stay for good...

C: Are you still active in the scene? Are you still active as Scorpie of the group F4CG? Are there any future plans?

S: Well, currently I'm still a member of F4CG, no more swapping or doing graphics for me these days, but I keep hanging around to get on other members' nerves and to give advise when needed. I consider myself a bit as a shareholder, lol.

C: Is it possible to mix your job with some scene-work?

S: No problemo, I work as a soap-editor, I'm editing a soapserie called "Familie" overhere in Belgium, a bit like "The (B)old and the Beautiful", "Neighbours"... But edited much better, lol. When I'm home I have plenty of time to surf, leech, kick some F4CG butts and so on...

C: What's your most favourite thing in the C-64 scene?

S: Way back in the old days, there was a real family feeling inside lotsa groups, I felt this best when I was in CREST and later on in F4CG, a bit like the Italian mafia. I was in it for the fun, and still am.

C: What do you think about the Belgian scene in the past and nowadays? Many new sceners are curious about the history of the Belgian scene! May be you can give us a little story...

S: Hmmm... The Belgian scene... There were only a few real Belgian groups worth mentioning, in the old days there was COMMANDO FRONTIER - who got famous with their "Iron Maiden" demos, NFC - who later on joined F4CG, WOW - which is the longest existing real Belgian group and B-ART, another good demogroup. Then there were the subdivisions of foreign groups like TRANSCOM - a subdivision of the French group, F4CG, ORION, MANOWAR, DOMINATORS, CRAZY, FAIRLIGHT and so on. The scene overhere wasn't very strong in the old days, but later on groups like LEGEND got into business and the Belgian scene gained some fame. More groups popped up like ARGUS, THE GUARDIAN ANGELS, ROLE... But they were mainly swapping groups. Apart from LEGEND all groups were non-competitive and most Belgian sceners became friends. Even though we all were in separate groups, we would help each other out as much as we could.

About the current scene I can be brief ...I only know that Role and WOW are still around... Who else??? I don't know...

C: What do you remember most of the Belgian scene in these subjects:

- cracking group: LEGEND (hate to admit it, but they ruled, lol, no hard feelings Goldfish!!!)

- demo group: COMMANDO FRONTIER, B-ART are the only ones worth mentioning

- ruling group: LEGEND, as most other groups were just divisions from foreign groups (F4CG, TRANSCOM...)

- disk magazine: Rock'n Role by Role and Internal by WOW (and add paper mag: PIRATES by F4CG!!!)

- cracker: Powerplant/LEGEND

- coder: The Wim... Da mastercoder in Belgium!!!

- scenefriend: Kid, Tornado, Ninja and Solar, they were my bloodbrothers

- party: hmm... party in Belgium??? The NFC party where WOW was born, and the secret F4CG+TRANSCOM meeting

- coolest happening: getting back alive from the Venlo meetings and the HORIZON party in Sweden when THE GUARDIAN ANGELS/ROLE guys (Effy and Commander) drove, ROTFL!!!

- worst accident: no accident I can recall except THE G.A.'s crashing their cars... But they all got out alive... I always saw these nice guys as a kamikaze stunt team!!!


- beer (hehe): DUVEL

C: What makes you proud to be a Belgian?

S: I ain't proud to be Belgian!!! I'm just a huge sack of meat running around on this planet, I couldn't care less if I were Chinese, Russian, Eskimo...

C: What do you think of the scene today in general words?

S: Well, someone should give the newbies a history lesson!!! A bit more respect for the older sceners would be fine, too!!!

C: Why did you take Scorpie as handle?

S: The name Scorpie was given to me when I was in a youth movement before I entered the scene. Most people in my town still call me Scorpie instead of Jo, so I started working under that handle.

C: Some greetz to some old friends in the scene?

S: A big hand goes out to: Solar, Ninja, Kid, Tornado, ZeSmasher, Motley and the rest of F4CG, the guys in CREST (Deekay, Jeff, Crossbow, Goldrush...), Effy and TBG/THE GA's (Commander/ROLE), Reset/TRANSCOM, Hobbit/FAIRLIGHT, Joe/EAGLE SOFT INC., the old WOW bunch, Gotcha, DOMINATORS, CENSOR DESIGN, EXTEND, HITMEN, CHROMANCE, TALENT, Derbyshire Ram and all the rest I can't come up with right now... You know who you are!!!

C: Thanks for the interview!

S: You're welcome, asta la pasta... Stay wild, stay alive... stagedive!!!


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