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One Year With The Composers Page
by Cactus/Samar

Interview with Peter Sanden (Yodelking) made by Cactus/Samar.

C: At first could you shortly introduce yourself to our readers?

Y: I'm a 28 years old boy from Sweden and got my first C-64 1983. 1987 I joined "Defiers" under the handle Panda. I made several lame demos, and some music. I sold my C-64 1992 and started on the Amiga. We formed the group Paradise at that time, but when "The 100 most remembered C-64 tunes"-demo came and PlaySID shortly after, I found out how much I missed the old C-64. As I still had my old C-64 disks lying around I transfered them to the Amiga and sent in all my old rips to the NemeSIDs collection. 1997 I bought a C-64 again. I got myself a PC, and started to rip a lot of tunes and contributed to the HVSC. I was asked to join the HVSC-team April 2000, and gladly accepted it. Since then I've ripped more than 1000 sids, started the composers page together with Per, as well as got a lot of C-64 friends.

C: You started making the composerspage one year ago, but how did it all start?

Y: Well, it all started when a HVSC-crew friend, Wilfred Bos, made samples where he pronounced the names of Dutch C-64 composers (Soedesoft, Reyn Ouwehand, Jeroen Tel, Edwin van Santen and many others). Me and my friend Per liked this a lot and wondered if we could make the composers make the samples themselves, so everyone would know how they pronounce their names, and how they sound. That night I had a chat with Barry Leitch, who is one of my favourite C-64 composers. He made the sample right away, and I got it it before the chat ended. After a few weeks Per and I had about 10 samples, and we got the idea of including a photo of the composers on the page aswell. That's how it all begun.

C: How many composers are on the page now?

Y: We currently have 204 composers on the page.

C: How did you manage to find all those composers?

Y: I was already in contact with quite a few of them, as I'm also a member of the HVSC-crew (High Voltage Sid Collection). I've searched the internet to find more, and many people find the page and send their photos themselves.

C: Did you have many visitors on the page during this year?

Y: During the first year we had over 8000 visitors, so about 22 visitors every day.

C: Do you have any special memories from this year, that you'd like to share with us?

Y: One thing I remember well is when I contacted Martin Galway, he said he'd send a photo in a few days, and he got himself a haircut just for that photo! That was the first photo to be published of him since the old photos from 1985. He was also kind enough to record a sample. That sample meant a lot for the page, as it was easier to get samples from other famous composers as I could say: "Martin Galway already made a sample..." ;)

Another great memory is when I was at "Back in Time LIVE", as I got the chance of taking photos of some of the most famous C-64 composers of all time. (Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway, Ben Daglish, David Whittaker, Mark Cooksey, Richard Joseph, Antony Crowther, Fred Gray, Jeff Minter, Marcel Donne and Paul Kubiszyn.)

C: How does the future look for the page?

Y: I think we'll continue like we've done, adding more composers as time goes by. We thinking about maybe split the page into several pages, as the page growes quite fast. Hopefully we also can replace some photos with better ones.

C: Do you have any personal favourites among C-64 composers?

Y: My all time favourite was Chris Huelsbeck for his fantastic melodies. Barry Leitch made "Mindsmear" which is one of the best SIDs I've ever heard. Rob Hubbard was also one of the best in the old days. Thanks to the HVSC, I've found a lot of new favourites, like: Martijn Schutten, Moon, Arne, Decoder and several others. I listen to SIDs every day, and I still rip a lot of tunes.

C: Is there someone you would like to greet or say thanks?

Y: I'd really like to greet those who contributed to the page, especially the composers themselves. The friendship that I've got with some of the composers means a lot to me. Thanks everyone.

C: OK. Good luck in the future with you're page, and thanks for the interview.

Y: You're welcome, it's nice to see that people still care about the C-64 after all these years. Thanks!


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