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Mish Mash
by Zapotek/Samar

Hello and welcome to this chapter, written by Zapotek. Since the magazine was delayed for one year, the contents of this chapter are now a little old.

In this first "Mish Mash" you will find:

* review of "Commodore Zone" summer edition 2000

* review of some of the summer hottest games: "It's Magic 2" and "All Terrain Gardener"

Review of "COMMODORE ZONE" summer edition 2000 (number #15):

At last I received the new issue of this Commodore 64 paper magazine. It is released in summer'2000, the previous one was released in autumn'1999. The magazine is released by Binary Zone PD in England. The format is A5 and has 54 pages. The cover is in colors, rest is in black/white. The price is 3.99 UK Pounds. Usually you get one cover disk, but this time it was two cover disks.

I'll review the magazine part by part, starting with the...

"News Chapter"
There are two pages of news covering news about a CD release from Reyn Ouwehand, some CMD stuff and other things. No news about the C-64 demo or cracking scene can be found.

"It's Ferris"
This part consist letters from the readers.

"The Charts"
This is no scene chart like in disk magazines, but charts of best C-64 platform games, best puzzle games and so on.

"Dave Korn Interview"
The long and interesting interview with Dave Korn aka Ubik.

"PD Zone"
6 pages with in depth demo reviews, including screen shots from the demos. The demos reviewed are mostly new ones.

"The Tip Zone"
6 pages with tips to old and new games.

"Nexus Review"
Review of Reyn Ouwehand's new CD "Nexus 6581".

"History of The C64"
2 pages with history of the C-64, this time it is the year 1992 in this article serie.

"Interview with Paul Docherty"
A nice interview with Dokk and many screen shots from his graphics.

"Vinni's Room 101"
A fun chapter on one side.

"I wish I was a C64"
Reviews of slide shows and other stuff released on other computers, but having something to do with the C-64.

"Covermount Focus"
Information about the stuff on the cover disks.

"Funstick Frenzy"
A joystick test! A long time since I read one of those. :)

"Into the Future"
Information about Commodore Zone's future plans.

"Games that Weren't"
Some information about games that have never been released.

Reviews of some websites.

In addition to all these, there are also some smaller articles like "C-64 Trivia Quiz", "List of Websites" etc.

Here's what is on the cover disks:
Games: All Terrain Gardener (reviewed later in this chapter), Metal Warrior I+II, Thrust II (old), Arcade Classics (old), Ubik's Music (music-editor), South Park II (demo), some other smaller demos and some games that participated in the "C64 Games Crap Compo".

Summary: a nice magazine at a fair price, I encourage everyone to subscribe to this magazine. Buying former issues is also possible.

If you want to subscribe or buy single issue of "Commodore Zone" then write to:

Binary Zone PD
34 Portland Road
Droitwich SPA
Worc's WR9 7QW
England or

Note May 2001: the new issue of "Commodore Zone" has still not been released.

OK, now the games review starting with:


First some official info from the makers of the game: "This is a first preview of the new jump and run game, including two full playable levels. The full version is going to be released in summer 2000, the version will include 5 different worlds with each 6 different levels.

Each world is going to have a different level style in graphics and monsters. All in all there will be about 40 different monsters and one huge monster at the end of each world waiting for Tommye." This is one of the most promising previews I have ever seen. This is a quite standard jump and run game where you are a cat jumping around, catching diamonds and trying to get to the end of the level. The graphics is very clear and well made. There is a lot of different sprites. In addition to the music there is also sounds when you play. The scrolling is very smooth. Concerning playability it is quite good: I have played it some 3-4 times and still didn't get all the way through the preview. The preview (the version released by Onslaught) is downloadable from the ftp site "Gangsta's Paradise" at "" or from the "GO64" magazine. If the full game get released, this game will easily become the game of the year.


This game was made many years ago for Firebird. But Firebird went bankrupt, some years later Dave Korn aka Korn, the maker, fixed the gameplay a little and offered it to Codemasters, but they never replied. It's done nothing than collecting dust until now. "All Terrain Gardener" is a jump and run puzzle game. The graphic is quite good, the scroller is smooth, there is in game music but no sounds. This game is highly recommended. It's better then most "thrash" that has been released the last years. "All Terrain Gardener" is available with "Commodore Zone" issue #15.


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