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Enhanced Newcomer By CID Is Out
by Jak T Rip/Protovision

Hello and welcome to another short article by JTR!

"NEWCOMER" took almost 10 years of development and was now officially released on the FOREVER 8 Party in Slovakia (this party rules, btw!).

"NEWCOMER" is probably the best game ever made, it definitely is the biggest one! The game is so huge that the text alone is about 3,5 MEGABYTES... That is about 20000 blocks!!!!!!

But that is not everything, there are LOTS of graphics, items, enemies and riddles to solve.

It is legal to COPY "Newcomer" to everyone you know! If you can, please do so!!! But do not forget one thing:

PLEASE PAY THE SMALL APPRECIATION FEE!!! It is 15DM/$10/10 Euro (or more!) and should be sent to:

Mr. Zoltan Gonda
Dregelyvar utca 21 V/29
1158, Budapest

You can also send it to this bank account or to PROTOVISION (see other article) if that is easier for you.

Daewoo Bank Budapest, Hungary
Swift code: DAEWHUHB
Info for beneficiary: ENCAPP

Add your full name, address, e-mail, age and then you will become a registered user.

The creators of "Newcomer" told me that until now I was the only one who sent in any fees (through my orders).

Now that is very sad!!! Come on, they really deserve it!

There is one problem with "NEWCOMER": It is damn hard to copy! We found only two ways for copying it, none is possible with a standard C-64. :-(

Here are the known ways to duplicate "ENC":

- latest "Star Commander" (also something you should REGISTER, too)

With "Star Commander" and a transfer cable you can convert all ".d64" files correctly, but you have to check the boxes "format" and "check", and start writing with Alt+F5. Somewhere there is an option to preformat with sectorID, this must be activated.

You can download newcomer at:

You can order a transfer cable at:

...or through Protovision for the same prices. You can also download "Star Commander" there.

Without "Star Commander" you can only copy "Newcomer" with a PARALLEL CABLE.

If you have a parallel cable you can use one of these programs:

- "Burst Nibbler"
- "256k Copy" (if you have a REU)
- "15sec Copy" fixed for SuperCPU by Master (if you have a SCPU)

With "256k Copy" there is another problem. As 40 tracks do probably not fit into a REU, the data is corrupt when using that option! But the upper tracks are OK, so you have to copy twice.

First copy with 40 track enabled, then once more with only 35 tracks and it will work!

It of course took us ages to find out...

If you come find any other possibility to copy "Newcomer", please contact Protovision! If you managed to copy all 40 tracks with a standard program, "Newcomer" does probably still not work, because it uses sector-ID's, and they are rarely copied by a copy program. :-(

In this case, you have to preformat the disks using "DISK DEMON" before you can copy "Newcomer" onto it.

Insert the disk, press "H", move the cursor to the ID bytes, set the correct values and press back arrow. Then press "F" for formatting and set the range to 00-40 tracks.

Here are the values you have to include in the ID bytes:

bootside: 46,45
side a: 00,ff
side b: 10,ff
side c: 20,ff
side d: 30,ff
side e: 40,ff
side f: 50,ff
side g: 60,ff
side h: 70,ff
side j: 80,ff
side k: 90,ff
side l: a0,ff
side m: b0,ff
side o: c0,ff

There are no sides "i" or "n"!

You can also order a registered copy of "Newcomer" with a printed manual and 7 (!) original, labeled disks for the price of 30DM/$20/20 Euro (including postage and the 15DM appreciation fee!).

The Protovision-version of "NEWCOMER" has a guarantee to work, and you can always send back bugging disks or disks you want updated, because from time to time there are updates for "Newcomer".

Please specify if you have a new or old SID in your computer!

OK, I hope everyone of you will play "Newcomer" like mad, because it really is a superb game!!!!

By the way, it is not possible to finish "Newcomer" within a months, because it is, well... huge! :-)

Also there are always at least many different possibilities to solve a task, full non-linear gameplay that is! Ah, and as there are many ways to finish "Newcomer", there are aswell different end sequences...

Get that 14 disksides of crunched data!

All the best greetings from Germany sends,


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