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by Cactus/Samar

The subject of this article tells you everything. Here you'll find all the reactions, which were written on the backside of our votesheets. If there are any comments needed, they will be made.

Please keep us informed about what you like in our magazine and what are your dislikes? All kind of critics can make our magazine only better!


Derbyshire Ram/Remember:

Well I have to say that I think Axelerate made a brave move in introducing a new magazine to the scene in this particular poor time for the 64, but I hasten to add that I thought that the firt issue of "Attitude" was something like a breath of fresh air. First I liked the layout in general, nothing fancy just enough. The content was probably more topical and up to date than any other magazine put out in the past year, and the subjects seem to be well chosen.

In this day and age where hardly any cracking groups are still active, it is difficult to find news as the majority of news in older magazines seemed to centre around cracking and all the wars and slander that went with them, but "Attitude" seems to have got round this problem, I guess it has a lot to do with having active 64 users around.

All in all I liked it and I hope there is enough news and material to keep it going.

"Attitude": Thank you, Barry, for your nice and very positive reaction. Even though the mag was delayed for a lot of months, it's here and I can promise it will exist as long as the C-64 scene! Axelerate died, but now "Attitude" is released by Samar Productions, so...(you guess right!), it can be only better! The staff didn't change itself too much, because the main editors (me and Zapo) are members of Samar. But the mag being released under label of such a good group can get better support, I think.

Hope you'll like this issue and its contents, cause the majority of our articles still deals with sixtyfour and the scene.


Nice magazine, I liked it, but I thought it will be in Polish language. Anyway, I hope to see more articles now. In the first issue there was too many interviews! In general: the mag is cool!

"Attitude": Thanks for another reaction containing nice words and some critics. As you've probably noticed there are not so many interviews as in the first issue, so I hope you will like the contents of the magazine this time? Enjoy it! :-)


Following your magazine, I got finish reading... It was very nice to read another magazine, especially because it is provided mainly by Polish staff. At this stage I was a bit aware of your work at the magazine! Of course I realize it's very hard to make it nice and good, and I think it's a huge step onto the right way. I only hope you will not start doing this way as I did ("Inject" by Scorn). Ale the best for the future and I hope to see another issue very fast!

"Attitude": Well, even though the mag was not released very fast, it is done at last! I hope you'll like this issue and keep supporting us with your words. All kind of support is needed by us at this stage. Be sure that next issue will be released much faster than second one.


A confident start, and I like the outfit with its simple control.

"Attitude": And what do you think about the new outfit then? :-)

Mini Cat/Draco:

Votesheet suxx.

"Attitude": If you didn't like the votesheet for second issue, may be you will like this one? Zapotek did his best to paint a nice and clear votesheet for our mag.


Issue one is great! Really! Go so on in future!


The #1 mag is a pretty thing to read, the #2 mag must contain more music, more small games and on two sides please!

"Attitude": Actually, we have to disappoint you. Making two-sided magazine these days is impossible, cause how to collect so many articles? Using more music would be also very hard, because not many musicians are interested in composing exclusive tunes for disk magazines. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this issue, too.


I found issue one of "Attitude" a very good read and look forward to issue #2. It's always good to see a new diskmag in the scene and I am sure that the next issue will be just good. Well done, keep up the good work.

"Attitude": Be sure we'll keep up the work and do our best to release next issues.

And that was the last reaction... Please give us more!

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