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Scene News
by Cactus/Samar

I know that you liked the news-section of "Attitude #1" very much. Some people even told me: "I haven't expected that so much is happening to the C-64 scene!" That's why I want to put some effort into this chapter to present you all the information about the current C-64 scene! Big thanks must go the those guys and groups' leaders, who supported me their news! Everything is sorted by groups, then some single news follows and latest parties' results. I hope you will like the chapter...

ACTIVE (Ger, Hun, Swe)

This Swedish based group was around for many years now. Recently they've brought us a new demo "O-Tech People II", which was released at the LCP'2001 party in Stockholm, Sweden. Their previous production was the demo "Bira Hora", released at X'2000. Active's future plans contain a sequel to "O-Tech People II" (project named "Hellface") and some small demos by Trasher.

Memberstatus: Artlace, Bordeaux, Dexter, Foxy, Injun Inc, Riddler, Surfer, Scare, Trident, Trasher, Wolverine (=11).


Only Polish sceners are current members of this music-group. Recently Cleve has joined Amorphis (as musician of course!). Their latest production was "Amorphis Pack #4", made by Froyd. And they still plan to release another music-pack, although the group is almost completely inactive now.

Memberstatus: Booker, Cleve, Compod, Dezert, Droopy, Froyd, Oldguy, Olsen, Spike (=9).

ANUBIS (Cze, Den, Ger, Hol)

The Czech based group has not been as active recently as the past years. We're still waiting for a new issue of their English languaged diskmag "Mozkit". Their latest production is "Sadism 2", music collection of Sad. Almighty God left the group for F4CG and Level64.

Memberstatus: Ceti, Dejuhra, Drake, Ernie, Exile, Eyesee, Factor6, Lobo, Lord Hypnos, Manex, Red Redby, Sad, Tekgeist, Welli (=14).

APIDYA (Ger, Hol, Pol)

This is not very famous Polish based demo-group. At the moment they are working very hard on fonts collection, which is almost ready (collie is being coded by Snerg). Rea is working on a selector for "Contribution 1.5", where they will include their newest stuff (i.e. Reiter's samples).

There were some personal changes in the crew. Silver Fox left the group due to his political activities. But also some people have joined the group: Any (as cover designer and editor), Rea/Tropyx (as coder and cracker), Cobra/Fraction
(as swapper).

Their latest release was "Contribution", they also competed on several copy parties with their wares. They have also Polish languaged net-magazine called "Filety", check it at!

Memberstatus: Any, Cobra, Doc of Desire, Drake, Frazes, Rea, Reiter, Snerg, Spider, Thorgal (=10).


One of the best Polish demo-groups is very calm these days, but hopefully they will bring us some more fantastic demos in the future. Their last demo was "Deep Blue", shown at the North Party 6. Official webpage is still under construction, the same as their ftp.

Memberstatus: Archangel, Bimber, Browar, Deinonychoos, Elban, Fenek, Flea, Gold Hand, Gorzalek Ochlalek, Katon, Kheela, Kordiaukis, Luke, Mojzesh, Praiser, Rodney, Sapper, Scarab, Sensei, Stinger, Turbosnail, Yaro, Wacek, Baba Jaga (=24)


No changes in the crew. Their latest release was 4kb intro "Guten Tag", shown at Symposium&Mekka'2001 party. Centric is planning to release a trackmo in the near future. Also successor to "Life Is Centric" will be released somewhen later this year. The group is also working on a phuntro in similar style to "Sommer Sonnen Zeit".

Memberstatus: Checky, Cosmo, Flip, Quasar (=4).


The latest release from this legandary Polish demo-group was "Charged's Intros Collection" (December last year), but due to the lack of reactions about this production, Sir Art and Jackal decided to stop their C-64 activities forever. That's very sad news. They will still keep their homepage on-line.

CIVITAS (Ger, Swe)

Richard/TND has joined Civitas as musician and coder, he already released a small msx-onefiller called "Euro Beats". Silver Fox left the C-64 scene and so did with Civitas. Tadpole started swapping and sent out to all his contacts again.

Their latest release is trackmo "Clown", shown at LCP'2001 (got third place in the demo-compo). They've also released following wares recently: "God Breath" (dentro, Floppy'2001 in Malmoe, Sweden), "Publication #44" (German languaged disk magazine), "Greenish" (4kb intro), "Square" (funtro) and some more smaller releases. They want to get the magazine "Publication" mulit-lingual (issue #45 will come in October). Further on there will be two slideshows. "Earworms #3" will soon be released, too.

Memberstatus: Black Jack, Brainsmasher, Bruce Lee, Catweazle, Chico, Doc of Desire, Puterman, Raven, Richard, Sputnick, Tadpole, Zeitgeist (=12).


This Norwegian group is currently working on a few things. They want to release "0ld Sk00l" (onefile multipart demo), "Trip" (the same as above), "CTR Sonix 008" (onefile music collection), "Xmas 2001" (demo) and "Peaceluv 2" (also will be a demo).


Memberstatus: Boo, Elektrond, Mermaid, Mutant, Slimer (=5).

DMAGIC (Ger, Svk)

They will release their own diskmag in September, they've developed the magsys for years, but it's said to be worth it. There are also some collections and tools in development. Dmagic is still releasing some decent quality-cracks of old games, but they say that their magazine is all they think about right now.

Memberstatus: Creamd, Jak T Rip, Mac Gyver, Thunderblade, Wotnau (=5).

F4CG (Aut, Esp, Ger, Ita, Swe)

Old member Mr.Alpha left F4CG and the scene in June 2001. The group is still looking for new motivated members, if you are interested contact ZeSmasher. They will also start a GBA section soon.

Memberstatus: Almighty God, BA, Bitman, Case, Dannie, Despair, Draz, DW, Hans, Intruder, Melange, Motley, Neotec, Pwizard, Scorpie, Sneaper, Solar, Stasi, TC, Therion, Ze Smasher, Zyron (=22).


Rambo has been put onto inactive list. They're working on a demo, which will contain parts made since Lion's last demo in 1994 year. He says that still none of them was made before! The group is still doing some NTSC fixes...

Memberstatus: Da Blondie, Lion, Poison (=3).

ONSLAUGHT (Aus, Gbr, Ger, Pol, Swe, Yug)

"Vandalism News" issues #34 and #35 have been released lately. The magazine is now done in co-operation with Wrath Design. They have opened up an "oldie" cracking group. It will be called Onslaught Antiques. The group of around 6-7 people mainly consists of non-Onslaught members. Official press release and webpage will be announced soon.

AMB/ex-The Blasters Inc. has joined as a musician. He is located in Spain and his latest music can be heard in "VN#33". Booker/Amorphis has joined the group also as a musician. O'fire and Shapie were put onto the inactive status.

Their music collection "Speed", in cooperation with Shape, is delayed until they get the main logo by Mermaid/Crest. "Rage 2" is on the way, featuring code by Blender and some unreleased effects by Jolz. It also contains some really nice exclusive artwork by Deev and Jailbird, aswell as Valsary and Deekay.

Onslaught's future plans contain: "Vandalism News #36" (English disk magazine), "Speed" (multispeed SID collection), "Rage 2" (demo by Jolz and Blender), "Past & Present 2" (the Drax collection), "Up-Raw" (demo), "Nostalgic Visuality" (graphics collection).

There are also some Internet projects "The Ultimate Magazine Archive Website" (there is already over 500 MB of disk magazines collected, the project will be launched on both www and on CD), "Vandalation Online" (all issues of "Vandalism" and "Domination" online!).

Jazzcat plans on releasing "Domination" as a much smaller magazine, in fact under one disk side each issue, allowing it to be regularly released.

Memberstatus: AMB, Blender, Booker, Code'18, Deev, DJB, Fade, GRG, Jailbird, Jazzcat, Jolz, Leming, L'trimm, Naphalm, Praiser, Slator, Stash, Stryyker, TMR, Trouble, Ultimate Hacker, Vengeance (=22).


After releasing the great demo "Deus ex Machina" in co-operation with Crest, they've made another demo, but for the C-128. It is called "Risen From Oblivion", but is still unreleased.

Memberstatus: Axis, Dante, Fanta, Graham, RRR, TTS (=6).


The following people have joined the group recently: Ernie (swapper), Spatz (swapper) Drake (editor, graphician), Survivor (coder), Phyrne (NTSC coder) and Variat (cover designer). The second issue of their English disk magazine "Scene World" should be out very soon.

Memberstatus: Crome, Der Fuchs, Diabolo, Drake, Ernie, Megatron, Merman, Mr.Tec, Nafcom, Psychodad, Phyrne, Punica, Satyr, Sleepless, Snoopy, Spatz, Survivor, Tim Traveller, Variat, Wormaus (=20).


"Newcomer" by CID is out now! Their version features a printed manual and a service for updates and bugging disks. A LPT printer adaptor is available from Protovision now. They are working on more title like "It's Magic 2", "Abrakadabra", "Pac It", "Metal Dust", "CLiPS" and "Virtual Assembler SCPU".

Memberstatus: Andre Zschiegner, Big User, Chester Kollschen, Courage, Jak T Rip, Mac Gyver, Mermaid, Silver Fox, Sputnick, The Blue Ninja, Thunderblade, TMT, Yogibear (=13).

PSW (Can, Usa)

No changes in the memberstatus. Their latest release was English disk magazine in co-operation with P.O.L. named "Scene World #1". The second issue will be released in a short while, then some more work will be done on PSW's SCPU-only game, in time for the next Chicago Commodore Expo.

Memberstatus: Fuzz, Macbeth, Shroom (=3).


Guys from Remember are still providing high quality cracks of old games. Their latest pack was released on 25th June and contained such games as "Draconus", "Barbarian", "California Games" and more (all of them with documents typed). Rough left Remember in late June to concentrate more on his own group Chromance. Fatman stopped swapping.

Memberstatus: Derbyshire Ram, Fatman, Hok, Intruder, Jack Alien (=5).

ROLE (Bel, Cze, Fin, Ger, Hol, Pol)

Braindeath left the C-64 scene in April, the same did Silver Fox. Tomz left Role because he doesn't place friendship on the first place as they do. Also Almighty God left Role and then joined F4CG. Two persons have joined Role lately: Shake (a Dutch graphician) and Spider (a Polish coder).

They have recently released: two demos ("12th" and "13th"), disk magazine ("Arachnophobia #21") and some cracks. Currently they are working one a few projects: "Arachnophobia #22", "Look At Me II" (the demo), "Rock'n Role #24" (another disk magazine) and Role CD.

Memberstatus: Avenger, Bugjam, Cactus, Checky, Commander, Computer Kidz, Faayd, Faith, Franky, Glare, H-Bloxx, Holy Moses, Icegirl, Jaco, Leo, Low, MCC, Mediator, Mist, Nootka, Ochrana, Restive, Rude, Satyr, Shake, Sign, Simple, Spider, Starfighter, Stirf, Swap, Swayze, TDB, Thorgal, Vip, Xel, Yaro, Zak, Zuber (=39).

SAMAR (Gbr, Hol, Nor, Pol)

Aristo and Isildur came back into the C-64 scene and they are active again! Zapotek has joined Samar as swapper and paper artist, also Mac Arthur has joined the group as swapper. After the death of Polish based group Axelerate Crew, two of its former members Bladee and JSL (both graphicians) have joined Samar. Gold Hand has been put onto inactive list due to lack of contact with group. Also Praiser is not a member of Samar anymore (mainly because of his inactivity, but also due to lack of contact with group).

The latest release from Samar was "Ramos Samples #5" (one disk containing also some tools), spread date was set on 1st of July 2001. The new issue of their disk magazine "Attitude" has just been released. :-) Samar is also working on a sid-collection called "Sid Victory One", second JSL's logos collection, Gollum's gfx collection and some more...

Memberstatus: Aristo, Bladee, Bzyk, Cactus, Centrax, Daf, Gollum, Isildur, JSL, Mac Arthur, Muddler, Phobos, Ramos, Silver Bullet, Zapotek (=15).


No changes in the memberstatus...

They have released "Arachnophobia #21" (in co-operation with Role) on the 1st of August 2001. Their magazine is celebrating its 5th anniversary! Their future plans contain next issues of "Arachnophobia" and the demo "We Hate PC's II" somewhen in 2002 year.


Memberstatus: Lizart, Mr.Chaos, Roj, Shake, Stirf, Swayze (=6).

TRIAD (Nor, Swe)

The group won the demo compo at LCP'2001 party in Stockholm, Sweden with their production called "Manhood 2". Also its members Twoflower and Hollowman won the gfx compo there. ...And they still release their cracks from time to time.

Memberstatus: Aton, Cash, Con, Groms, Hollowman, Iopop, Jerry, JFK, Killsquad, King Fisher, Logger, Mindflow, Quorthon, Tao, Taper, Trick, Twoflower, Wiggen (=18).

WOW (Bel, Ger, Eng, Pol)

WOW released "Internal #27" in middle of July (it's their English languaged disk magazine). Sorex is working on the music collection "Prestige" featuring musics from Alien. They also plan to release next issue of their diskmag in the future and may be a little demo or dentro for X'2001.

Memberstatus: Alien, Alih, Bud, Bundy, CJ Warlock, Dancer, Einstein, Jockstrap, Lax, Lybis, Misfit, Remedy, Sorex, Top Secret, Vip, Wax, WEC, WHW Design, xIII (=19).

Let's continue with some single news...

* Arise Technologies is preparing the biggest demo collection on the net. It will be available at

* Two personal projects of Wacek/Arise can be checked at and

* Most recent and the only thing that has been released by Censor Design is Slaygon's "CensorEd" (music editor).

* Booze's demo "Royal Arte" has been released on the 28th May 2001. Their current memberstatus: Dr.Smirnoff, Garvin, HCL, Trash.

* Rough/Chromance said: "I left Remember, there is no sense in jewel cracking for two groups when one is enough".

* Dolph has joined Nipson and promised to do some gfx and webpage for the group.

Current Nipson memberstatus: ASL, Dolph, Jakec, Frank.

* The last stuff released by Padua were their demos at the SymMek'2001 party ("Embryo" and "Warum Muss Uns..."), as well as the 64kB game "Dreamcars64".

* H.M.Murdock/Tropyx has joined Tide as swapper, coder and editor. Soon issue #8 of their disk magazine "The Beergarden" will be released!

Current Tide memberstatus: Antoman, Icelad, H.M.Murdock, Satyr, Stryyker, Tomz, White Demon.

* Silver Fox left all his groups, he's now working on his political future.

* T.B.C. (The Bumscontainer Crew 2000) was founded by some legendary scenish people. Members since birth are as follows: Dar Araber, Excalibur, J'Up, Lukullus, Nicole, O.B., Pershy, Speedcracker, U-Did, Zaz.

* O.B./RSi/TRSi will re-open his nostalgic BBS system again after moving house. The numbers (since 9 years...) are for 2.4 to ISDN access: +49.4503.TRSi1 and TRSi2.

* The funny thing is that Axelerate Crew (which was declared as dead group) is still releasing the new cracks and also working on some games...

* MWS/Radwar currently writes a book on the old sceners and what they are doing today.

* Trident/Active made a TCP/IP stack in C for the C-64, runs nicelly through a SWIFT-LINK interface to the serial port of a proxy PC. Web server and other stuff tried are working.

* O.B./RSi/TRSi and Steve/TRSi are currently working on updates and even more. Overwhelming info on and affiliates.

* NEW PARTY 2B LAUNCHED! There was no real multi-platform party in Hungary for the last few years, so there had to be done something. This party is going to be held regular each year, and the launching party must be made as kicking as possible. Get more info at

* Here you have some Internet addies, which were missed in the previous chapter, and some more...


* FTP-Sites...



* GOLD is a new group supplying old originals to cracking groups as well as releasing oldie cracks itself. Current memberstatus: Compufix, Mr.Chaos, Robbie The Rascal, Spatz, Torsoft, Truss.

* Compufix and Truss both got hardware problems and are unable to send out.

* Current memberstatus of The Dreams: Doc Bacardi, Hit-Man, Ninja, Uncle Tom, Zaphod.


* FLAG'2001 *

Demo compo:
1. Purple / Coma 326 pts.
2. First Intro / JaSoft 229 pts.

Graphics compo:
1. Fly G / Sebaloz 293 pts.
2. Arise Flag / Katon 249 pts.

Music compo:
1. Oldtime / Vincenzo 321 pts.
2. My Little Duck / Control 222 pts.
3. Arpeggioland / Sounddemon 152 pts.

* LCP'2001 *

Demo compo:
1. Manhood 2 / Triad (C-64)
2. O-Tech People II / Active (C-64)
3. Clown / Civitas (C-64)
4. Demotronic / 1000000 Boys (GBC)
5. Megabasicdemo / Hack'n'Trade (C-64)
6. 2 Bit Or Not 2 Bit / H'n'T (Amiga)

Graphics compo:
1. Hollowman and Twoflower (both C-64)
2. Morris (Amiga)
3. Twosheds (C-64)

Music compo:
1. Goto80 / Hack'n'Trade (C-64)
2. Twoflower / Triad (C-64)
3. Piglet / Replay (C-64)
4. Zyron / F4CG / Oxsid Planetary (C-64)
5. Johey / Darkness (C-64)

That's it! All news collected by...


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