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Party Reports
by Puterman/Civitas & xIII/WOW


I suppose most readers of this article have visited at least one demo party (or copy party, which is a term that some people prefer, and which others feel it is kind of heretical to use at all after 1990). If you've been to a demo party, even if you didn't enjoy it, whatever the reason for that might be, you should be able to imagine how a really good demo party could be like...

This is a report from the Little Computer People party in Stockholm, July 20-22 2001, arranged by Autoboy (formerly known as Frantic) of Hack'n'Trade. And the reason for the paragraph above is of course that I enjoyed the party. I didn't just enjoy it. I really enjoyed LCP2000, and Floppy 2001 would have been very cool if it hadn't been for the persistent headache.

But LCP2001... I definitely had high hopes. LCP takes place during the summer, and last year there was a lot of sitting in the grass, in the sunshine, smoking more or less legal substances, drinking beer, talking bullshit and having shitloads of nice, cosy scene fun. This year the party was arranged in Stockholm, which meant I could get there in an hour. And the sun shone this year, too.

So, after carrying my C-64, my drive, my disks, some extra stuff and a TV-set to the train station in Uppsala, which took about 40 minutes and made strange bruises appearing on my arms, I got into the train, got to Stockholm, took the subway to Gardet, and found the party place. Of course the sun was shining.

The party place was a student pub, which had exactly the right size for the visitors that appeared. The main room got filled with computers, and everyone had a place to sit. But when I showed up, I couldn't find anyone I knew. Well, the doors had opened less than an hour earlier, and most people showed up later in the afternoon. So I took a little walk in the sun, looking for a place to buy beer, and finally found Ica.

At Ica I met Trazan of Hitmen and two of his friends. Well, that was kind of the start of the party for me, and then it all just got better. We went back to the party place, they had some food and I setup my computer and started a demo.

Then we got outside and found a nice lawn to sit down on and talk bullshit until Zyron showed up.

Well, after Zyron showed up, things were starting to take a surreal turn, because of all the beers I drank and all the people I met, everything turned into a big blur of talking, checking out cool demos, drinking beer and being crazy.

So, basically, from this point in time, everything is chaos, but a completely enjoyable chaos. Just to drop a few names and give you a feel for what kind of people were present, I met people like Twoflower, Tao, Taper, Hollowman and Mindflow of Triad, Morphfrog, Johey of Darkness, Fortytwo, the Booze Design oldskool party posse and lots of more people whose names I don't know.

There was lots of drinking beer, smoking stuff, hanging out in the sunshine, feeling smelly, farting (Hoolowman is the king of farting and partying), heat, death, madness, smoke, mist, darkness, doom, very heavy metal music played on the pa, experimental movies, illusions, dycps, tech-techs, 8x8, 4x4, Polish demos and just about everything that can make a party work.

I do remember being extremely drunk and trying to get HCL to explain all the effects in "Royal Arte" to me, and I didn't understand anything, may be because I was too drunk, and may be because I don't know enough about coding. I also remember sitting in the grass with Twoflower and Trazan and being fucking drunk and speaking really bad English all the time. And I really remember when Dwangi of Fairlight showed up at last, drunk as hell, with a big bottle of booze left, and no wares to

The first night I crashed at about 4:30, I think, and I actually found a bed to sleep on. It was the only bed in the whole party area, but for some bizarre reason no one had taken it, so I just fell down on it and fell asleep.

The second day was compo day, but the deadline was at 9 in the evening, so there wasn't a problem, and my releases were finished anyway. At some time I happened to bump into Autoboy and give him the disks with the Civitas demo and my compo tune, and then I didn't have to think about compo stuff anymore.

The deadline was delayed, and so were the compos, just like last year, but I don't think anyone cared the least, that just mean you could go on partying for two more hours before the compos started. The second day was just as awesome as the first, and I remember getting "Vandalism News #35" from Taper, checking out loads of unreleased stuff by a very famous demo group, bumping into old legends of Horizon, who were releasing a compo tune for the Vic-20 (yes, I thought I was hallucinating), checking out some games on a C-64 with a Super-CPU (Magervalp's system, compliments for his cool hat), and also checking out the 2 only Vic-20 trackmos ever released on the Horizon dudes' Vic-20.

All this crap just flow around in my brain, I have no idea in what order everything happened, but I was enjoying it the whole time. At some point me and Dwangi went away and bought cigarettes, and Dwangi was so fucking drunk that he pulled down his pants and showed his ass. Some people might have enjoyed that, but it wasn't my coolest party experience. :-)

Well, suddenly it was late at night and the compos started. The music compo was cool, especially Goto80's tune, and also Twoflower's tune for the GBC. All in all there were about 10 tunes, but only 5 or so for the C-64. I also realized that no one would vote for my compotune, although Dwangi and Twoflower danced to it. Dwangi also danced in front of the big screen and showed his ass again. So, if anyone is wondering why I've been saying that Dwangi won the wild compo (there was no wild compo), there's your answer. :-)

Yeah, then the graphics compo started, and I had already seen two of the contributions, Iopop's and Twoflower's excellent SHFLI picture of Majakovskij, and Hollowman's psychedelic IFLI picture of He-Man, dead in a forest of big, colourful flowers. BTW, the reason why he painted that picture is that he once met He-Man, and He-Man was drunk and lying down in the jungle, and Hollowman wanted to make out with him, but He-Man was straight, so nothing really happened.

The last compo was the demo compo, which I think was kind of awesome, considering the number of visitors and so on. Triad's demo (by Hollowman) was extremely cool. Active's demo "O-Tech People II" wasn't as cool as "O-Tech People", and it was definitely not so nicely designed, but I guess it had some hardcore math code in it. I won't write anything about the Civitas demo, because I coded it... Some other demos worth to be mentioned are 1000000 Boys' GBC demo, which rocked hard with fat code, oldskool style and allaround niceness, and Magervalp's cool chessboard stretch thingy. Then there were also some less serious demos, including Tbhh+Afrika, and Dekadence's demo, which was a tribute to their hero Mindflow.

After the compos we wrote down our votes, handed them in and went out to do some serious cigarette smoking (don't try this at home, kids). And, well, I promised to include this stuff in my party report, so here it is: Booger told Hollowman to pull his finger, and he did, and while he pulled it, weird sounds and smelly gas emanated from Booger's ass. Er... Well, that has to be the most serious sentence in this whole party report. Dwangi was fucking drunk and fell asleep in the grass, so me and Booger stole his half-empty cider can. Hardcore boozing, folx!!!

Yeah yeah, a couple of hours later the votes were counted, and I think most people were happy about the results, especially the Triad dudes. :-) They won everything except the music compo, where Twoflower got second place after Goto80.

Well, after that all you had to do was to sleep on the floor for 2 hours, get up and go home. When I woke up, most people had already left, so I packed my stuff, waited for a few hours for my hangover to get better, and then I went home. The journey home was pretty painless...

And well, here I am now, less than 12 hours after I left the party place, typing this party report for "Attitude" and "Publication"...

This report wasn't meant to report objectively everything that happened, and I know that I've missed heaps of cool stuff happened. I've rather been trying to make you understand what a great experience this party was for me. Okay, I got the last place in the music compo, but if you've heard my tune, you can probably understand that. And I didn't win the demo compo, but I got to see Triad's demo on the bigscreen, and that was a really cool experience as well. I also got exposed to the farts of most Swedish elite sceners, which isn't all that common these days.

"Yes, sometimes you write greetings to people who are more lame than you, and that is why scene is now dying!"

Just one quote out of many that could sum this party up. I had a wonderful time, and I sure hope that Floppy, which people have been telling me will be arranged in February, will be as nice as this party, and that I won't have a headache the whole time...

The Swedish scene rocks. When it comes to parties, I'm sure the scene rocks wherever you are, but both the partying and the warez rocked this time, so I just have to say it again: the Swedish scene rocks.

This is Puterman of Civitas, pretty drunk again, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, reporting, almost live, from LCP 2001. Roxxorz!!!



Friday 17 Nov. I picked up Einstein/WOW at the train station in Turnhout (Belgium). We were about to leave for Hengelo [Gelderland] (Holland) to go to my first C-64 party: X'2000. After an hour driving, Einstein decided that we should visit Bud, because we had plenty of time left and he was curious if our demo was finished. Bud was very (pleasantly?) surprised to see us, he was working very hard on the demo and it would surely be finished by Saturday 18:00 (was a deadline to submit all entries on the party). Lax, one of our Israelian members, was at Bud's place too, it was also nice to meet him. At 22:30 Einstein and me decided to continue our trip to the party place. Bud, Lax and Bundy would come on Saturday because of the demo...

At 01:00 Einstein and me finally reached the party place. We only turned the wrong direction twice. :-) At the entrance we had to pay 125 Dutch Gulden, what is quite a lot, but afterwards turned out to be worthwile.

Then we came into the big hall, where about 50 people or so were drinking beer (Amstel, Bavaria, Heineken...), playing games, watching demos...

Einstein, Alien and I also had some beers, talked to some people and at 03:00 we went to bed.

The next morning I woke up with a huge headache... :-( Should have known that 5 beers in less then 2 hours in the middle of the night is not good! :-) After a good breakfast (peanutbutter... njammie) I decided to look around a bit. I talked to some guys I knew from IRC, what was cool... Einstein introduced me to AEG, GRG and I saw other well known (ex)sceners like Burglar, CBA, Reyn Ouwehand, Deekay, Fanta, King Fisher... I always looked up to those guys as if they were "unreachable", you know... And now they were standing in front of me! It was kinda weird at first but then again... They are all people like you and me. :-)

I think it was 12:00 or something when Sorex/WOW arrived at the party place and until then Einstein was kinda bored, but for him it was just another party. We waited for the other WOW members to arrive and in the meantime we played "Kickstart 2" for a while.

Finally at 16:00 Bud, Lax and Bundy arrived, so now we could "make up a camp". We decided to sit in the smaller area of the party place and posted our stuff on a table. Bundy brought his Dreamcast so Einstein finally had some amusement. He beated everyone in tennis...

Sorex and I kicked some Germans' asses with table soccer and later played against Cavey and the American (Canadian?) called XEF4 or something. Although Cavey was very good, we kicked their asses!!! :-)

Anyway, Bud showed to all members the finished demo "The Barn 3" and we also decided to compete in the gfx compo with an animation by Bundy ("Wancky Doodle"). At 21:00 we finally got something to eat: chinese food, which was better than the "killing-soup" from Burglar the day before... (so I heard anyway). From then on it was drinking beer, playing the Dreamcast, kicking Bud with table soccer, waiting for the compos to start and drinking beer. :-)

I think it was 24:00 or so, when finally the msx compo started... Most entries sucked, so this was a real bummer... The gfx compo was a bit better, some nice piccies were shown... The "Wancky Doodle" animation was disqualified because of the fact that an anim is not a gfx... But the animations were put into the demo compo. The demo compo was not much either... (nothing can beat the SymMek party!).

I liked the onefiler from Padua and of course our demo was kinda (olds)cool. :-) There was only one serious entry, the Xenon demo, but the thing crashed twice... (they made it on PC or...?).

When they decided to run it on emu I decided to go play some Dreamcast... So I never saw the second side. At 05:00 the results were announced and we were very pleased and surprised to hear that we made it into second place at the demo compo! Cool, huh?!

Finally I could go to bed because I was really tired now... I had to wake up at 10:00 or so, because I had to get home in time...

Well, this is the story of my first party and I hope there will be more, because I had a great time!!! It would only be better if more people released a demo or a magazine or something... But may be that's only wishful thinking (more demos and diskmags are to find at SymMek!).

Anyway, I hope to meet you (again) at X'2001!


(text typed on C-64 by Commander/Role)

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