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Back In Time Live Review
by Yodelking/Defiers


Came back from the bit live event just a few minutes ago.

First of all, I would really like to thank Chris Abbott for this great event. It was the best thing I've been on for a very long time.

I got myself "Back In Time" 2 & 3 and the Nexus CD. Still haven't heard them, but I sure will listen to them at work tomorrow.

I wanted to write a little about the composers and the persons I met here, so people who didn't make it gets a picture of the whole thing.

Paul Kubiszyn: actually, Paul found me, because of my big name-tag. :) We had a very short, nice chat, and then he pointed out Mark Cooksey for me, which I wouldn't recognize without his help. I was angry with myself for not finding Paul again, to continue our chat, as he really is a nice guy.

Mark Cooksey: Mark held a very low profile, and I bet not half of the people even knew he was there. I had some great laughs and a nice chat with him.

Marcel Donne: another nice surprise was to meet Marcel here, as I've been in contact with him a little in the past. Nice to finally meet him. A very nice guy too!

Antony Crowther: whoha, this guy looks exactly the same as the very old picture I have of him. I had some very great laughs with him and Ben Daglish.

Ben Daglish: what can I say? Ben sure is the one who surprised me the most. When I came over to him, he said directly: "Hey, you fixed the bugged version of "Footballer Of The Year" this morning! (Warren told him about that before I got to the place). Then Ben started humming the tune rather wildly... "Di di do..." etc. Later on the evening I showed him my little mascot I brought with me (a tiny thing on a spring fluffy toy). He said: "Whoha, you ought to have William Wobbler aswell." And then he started humming on that tune too, walking around the place in a perfect William Wobbler style. (You should all have seen this!!!).

Late at the evening there was an "Air-Guitar" competition, where the winner would get a real C-64, signed by all the composers at the place. I talked Ben into competing, and I said to him: "Come on, you can do better than them." He got really excited about competing, but at the same time he reached the stage, they shouted out: "Aaaaaaaaaand the winner...", so Ben never got the chance to perform. Too bad, I bet it would be a nice show.

Richard Joseph: I talked quite a lot in the end of the party with Richard, and it was a really nice chat which was more about life than computers.

Fred Gray: I found Fred to be among the calmest of the persons. He's a person you just have to like. We didn't talk about computers at all, still we talked quite long. Very nice! (Yes, Fred, I will send you the photos on a CD as promised). :)

Jeff Minter: Jeff was a quite funny guy who made the lovely light-show at the party. Well, I was talking to Jeff about the past, and I just felt like asking him about which animals he currently has. "Well, I have a dog, 2 goats and 3 sheeps... Hey, hang on..." Then he pulled up a digital videocamera and showed me sequences where he filmed his animals. So he showed me the sheeps saying: "This is Flossie, this is Anna-Bell..." (Sorry, Jeff, I don't recall the names of them). When Jeff was leaving from the party, he waved down the window from his Taxi, and then sounded like a sheep: "Baaa!"... :)

David Whittaker: another very nice fellow who was really nice to talk to. He even bought me a drink. I never thought the celebrities would buy me drinks. I thought it would be the other way around... :) Well, thanks David for the drink and the nice chat!

Rob Hubbard: poor fellow. Rob really got some real fans here... Directly when Rob entered, people directly came to him, and he stood still in a corner for at least 2 hours, just letting people take photos, and answered the same questions over and over again, all the time with a nice smile on his face. He's a very calm man, who I admire for putting up with us and all the questions and photos. He told some rather interesting things about when he did Sanxion, Commando and so on... The last words from Hubbard to me when we left was: "I really hope to see you in 16 years..." (I then came to think of the old times listening to all his tunes. I would never think in 1985 that I would sit in a room with all these great composers... But it happened!).

Martin Galway: I've been in contact with Martin for a while, and I must say even if I knew from his mails that he was a very warm, nice guy, with lots of humour, I never expected him to be this nice. I really enjoyed talking to him. The last thing Martin did when he said goodbye was to give me a big, friendly hug! I will never forget this moment!

Tomorrow I will listen to all these composers' best tunes, thinking about how nice they were, and I'm sure their tunes will get me new emotions, and I will think about the chats, and all the laughs we had this very special evening.

Chris Abbott: I must say that Chris really made his very best to make this a very special evening, and I must say he did very well. I'm just a little sad that after all the hard work Chris put into this, he still had to run around to make sure everything went as planned.

So, he really didn't get the chance to enjoy this as much as the others. He really did deserve just to be able to hang around, chat and be happy after all the work he put into this. And Chris, if the composers weren't so nice to talk to the dancefloor would be really full, but chatting with all the happy guys at this place just beat everything I've ever been to.

So thanks everybody that I didn't mention here, who came and made the evening so great (especially Warren, Lala, Adam, James, Kate and Per). If I forgot something I will write that some other night, as I'm getting rather tired and I have to be at work tomorrow!

The pictures of the composers are already up on my and Per's composers site:


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