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Scene Groups
by Zeitgeist/Civitas & The Overkiller/Hokuto Force

Welcome to this chapter, which is edited by members of less or better known C-64 scene groups. In this issue of our disk magazine we would like to tell you more about German based group Civitas and Italian crew Hokuto Force.

As we want to give you the most true information about them, we asked two members of those groups to write this chapter... We hope you'll like it?



Hi folks!

Cactus asked me to tell you something about Civitas and its history - believe me, that's a hard thing for me, especially now as I'm quite in a hurry awaiting my well-deserved holidays in France tomorrow. You see what it ended up with: basically I subdevided the text into two most basic and inevitable questions about Civitas plus, of course, the proper answers. :-) If you're not satisfied and want to know more about Civitas (I suppose you don't, hehe...), you may as well visit our website under and read more about us or download some of our stuff.

a) Why's the name "Civitas"?

Hmm, that's hard to explain. I can't quite remember how I came up with the name, but I liked it from the first moment on. Might be that the shape of the letters has something to do with it - as I sometimes call myself a graphician I'm very opened to practical thoughts on how easy it will be to produce a good-looking logo on some name's shape. For example it wouldn't be as easy with a name like "YQZRGD" I suppose. :-) Well, to a serious gfx-man this might sound like crap, but perhaps you better not try to understand my ill thoughts. Another thins is that I love latin and the sound of this ancient language. And "Civitas" has a basic tendency to democracy. I won't have any political sermons here, whether democracy is a good form of government, but for a scene-group I tend to believe it's the best situation to have: not forcing any members into anything nor new members to leave their old crews, etc. I don't like leaders to rule like kings in their groups. So that's what the name may imply somehow...

b) When was Civitas founded and how did it happen?

I founded Civitas somewhen in late 1996, when I was member of the German group High-Tech. High-Tech was in the process of breaking up during that time with many members being lazy and inactive or just leaving for other groups. We released the "Publication", a German scenemag I've founded under the H-T label and somehow I figured that this mag won't be released to regularly when sticking to H-T. So we decided to found our own group to release the "PBC" and may be some other stuff. And it worked. We gained only a few members at the beginning and released lame stuff, mainly done by me (which is always a sign for lameness), but somehow we increased with new members joining, like for example the skilled coder Black Jack, who is sadly active on PC only at the moment, or Brainsmasher, a highly regarded graphician. With Puterman joining our forces in 2000 as coder from Sweden, Civitas got away from being just a German group and also got active in demo scene with productions such as "Balloon Or Die!" or our lately released trackmo "Clown".

So far about that. Of course, this was a rather short glance on the Civitas history. As I said, try to get more from our website if you're interested. Or may be you just contact me (I'm still looking for contacts, and Civitas for new members by the way, hehe...). I guess my address can be found in the "Addy Corner" or whereever in this mag.

Take care and keep Commie alive.



The group was born at the end of 80's during the "golden age" of C-64. At the beginning the memberstatus was: The Overkiller (me as leader of the group), The Godless, Metal Lord. We were a simple swapping group and without a modem and a good member skilled in coding, we didn't expand our group to reach the scene's elite. The problem to live in a small city also didn't help us to find some other skilled members. Later Metal Lord was kicked out from the group and Atomic Robopip joined. Time passed and when the 16 and 32 bits machines compared to the horizon, The Godless and Atomic Robopip left. Keep in mind that this situation was a common problem in Italy, 'cos the people here wanna get the powerful machines as soon as possible and discard the old ones. In fact as you can see the Italian scene is close to die. Dark Knight joined in Hokuto Force during this years but he's too busy in his social life to give me a real help. And it's pity 'cos he's a very skilled coder. So I'm the only one really active but I'm still working very hard for the C-64 memory. These are my actual and future plans:

- Collect as many games as possible to swap and share them with the rest of the C-64 community.

- Keep in my webpage links of the survived groups and the histories of the most important groups (also translated into Italian language).

- Co-operate with the diskmag "Scene World", and from the second issue I'll become an official member of it.

I personally release some Italian stuff, above all adventures, converting them from a ".tap" files to better ".d64" files and including also the solution (I'm pretty good to solve them! :-) ). These are my latest releases, which you can find on other Italian C-64 sites like "XP64" or "Progetto Lazzaro" (they aren't well known, 'cos they're only in Italian language):

- Dylan Dog (Le Notti Della Luna Piena)
- Il Mistero Di Zambesi Waters
- Ai Confini Della Realta'
- Zagor (La Fortezza Di Smirnoff)

I'd like to release some "golden editions" of old games like Remember or Nostalgia do, but until Dark Knight become active again or I find a member skilled in coding here somewhere in Italy (it's very hard), it's impossible to do it.

The official webpage of my group is:

Here you can find also my e-mail and my ICQ addresses.


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