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Protovision Is Hitting The Scene
by Jak T Rip/Protovision

Hi there!

This is JTR of Protovision writing... Cactus asked me if I could write an article for his mag, so what can I do!?

I have browsed the scene many years now, some years were full of swapping and gathering information about every group and every member, just everything I could get hold of. From my point of view the scene seemed to dry out around 1997 but regained strength and fresh ideas the last years, nobody is questioning the scene anymore, it just IS THERE. :-)

I was thinking about the reasons why the scene was drowning after, let's say, the release of "Mayhem In Monsterland". I think it has got a lot to do with the commercial market breaking down. This is why I was thinking of building up one again. :-) The first thing to come was the "GO64!" - magazine. Get it, it's brilliant!

"GO64!" was and is very important for the scene! Some of you will ask "why?", because they are having a nice time without it aswell. My answer to it is: this magazine is not sooooooo important for all sceners, but for the newcomers!

There are still too many "sleeping" C-64 users out there, with about no contact to the scene - they need to be kept informed. :-)

Please subscribe to "GO64!" (English or German versions available) at:

Goethestrasse 22
71364 Winnenden

- subscription: 64 Euro
- best&biggest magazine

...Or order through me. I used to write articles for "GO64!" myself, but have no time for it anymore now. :-(

Anyway, through "GO64!" I made friends with some interesting sceners and newcomers, a lot of gamecoders amongst them.

Some bright day later I discussed the idea of creating an own game development distribution with Mac Gyver and Thunderblade, at that time they were members of Fairlight and a game label called Protovision. Protovision was quite small at that time.

I started to organize a distribution for games, hardware and everything else worth supporting. But I needed a name... So I joined Protovision and it seems I somehow took over the whole organization of the group!

From then on PROTOVISION just grew and grew, we have about 15 members now in four different countries and all very talented and even active! :-) We got members from Crest, Wrath Design, DMAgic, Creators...

I know we have not released many games yet, but I can assure you we are very busy developing them! We definitely rate quality over quantity! Stay tuned.

Our product list is already marvellous, we can produce you any missing cable you need or whatever - just take a look at it and consider ordering one or two pieces. I am not gaining anything on it, but the gamecoders do and they should be supported!!!

All in all I am proud to say that now Protovision is ready to hit the scene! Finally everything is working around here and I am receiving orders every week! Yes, it already is a success - everyone who says the C-64 is dead can think again. PTV (short for Protovision) is C-64 only and even though we had many requests for developing for other platforms, we won't!


Jakob Voos
Niersstr. 1
40547 Duesseldorf


Games produced by Protovision-members:

- Ice Guys (25DM/$15/15 Euro)
- Bomb Mania (25DM/$15/15 Euro)
- 4player-Adaptor for Bomb Mania + more (30DM/$20/20 Euro)
- Strokeworld (freeware, 5DM/$3/3 Euro)
- It's Magic (freeware, 5DM/$3/3 Euro)

Available through Protovision now:

- NEWCOMER (see separate article) (30DM/$20/20 Euro)

The following goodies can be ordered at (please understand that it can take a few weeks for the delivery, and even more for special hardwares!):

Jakob Voos
Niersstr. 1
40547 Duesseldorf

For questions:

Do not use any special kinds of delivery (no registered sendings, kein "einschreiben"), it will not be accepted! Good old letters please.

Payment: every order is to be prepaid. Pay-on-delivery is also possible, but it might be a lot more expensive, depending on the country you live in. Money in envelope is a good way of transporting, just cover the money with some paper. Cheques are welcome. Credit cards are not supported. Some of the products can be ordered online at (click through to the shop). This page supports credit card ordering.

For bank transfers:

Bank Institute: 30050110 Sparkasse Duesseldorf
Bank account: Jakob Voos, 0061241907


Shipping: 3DM/$2 within Europe, 5DM/$4 for the rest of the world. USA/Canada orders may be less expensive through


Ice Guys - 25DM/$15, PAL only
Bomb Mania - 25DM/$15
4-Player-Adaptor for "Pac It" and "Bomb Mania" - 30DM/$20
Bundle 4-Player-Adaptor, "Bomb Mania" - 50DM/$30 (if you want to assemble the adaptor yourself, there is an instruction on our homepage)
Metal Dust Preorder - 50DM/$30/620, requires SuperCPU + RamCard
Enhanced Newcomer NewSID - 27DM/$18
Enhanced Newcomer OldSID - 27DM/$18 - now available!
"Newcomer" comes with a printed manual and 14 disksides (40-track-formatted and with compressed data on it!).
It's Magic 1 (freeware now) - 5DM/$3
It's Magic 2 Preorder - 25DM/$15 (same prize as normal order)
Stroke World (freeware) - 5DM/$3

Other software:

SuperCPU software (a few disks with SuperCPU-related software) - 5DM/$6
This software can also be downloaded at our site

GoDot graphics processing software - 25DM/$15
GoDot is being updated all the time. Look at for downloads.
GoDot Update - 5DM/$3 (all new modules and savers)

Special hardware:

Heavy Duty Power Supply - reduced prices!
Basic price is 40DM/$26.
Then you have to add these prices for your special needs:
- compatible with C-64 or C-128 - 25DM/$15
- compatible with C-64 and C-128 - 35DM/$20 (with switch)
- each 1541/71/81 - 5DM/$3
- each FD Drive - 20DM/$13
- each CMD-HD Drive - 5DM/$3
- RamLink (still has power if the computer is turned off) - 25DM/$15 (a special circuit board is needed!)
- each CD-Rom/IDE Drives - 5DM/$3.

Every combination is possible. But if you really connect more than one computer or all CMD-devices a stronger basic-power may be necessary. In this case, add 65DM/$33 (tell me your config and I'll tell you exactly!).

- 4-Player-Adaptor, a joystick 4-Way-Controller for games - see games section


Soundcable C-64-Stereo Set and Monitor (3-way-chinch cable) - 15DM/$10
Joystick-cable enlarger - 10DM/$7
Write-Led for any Commodore floppy - 10DM/$7
C-64-Monitor cable (2 chinch) - 15DM/$10
C-64-Monitor cable (3 chinch) - 15DM/$10
C-128-Monitor cable with 40/80 column mode switch - 15DM/$10
C-128-Monitor (C-128 TTL-RGB) - 15DM/$10
Floppycable - 10DM/$7/65
Printer cable UserPort-Centronics - 20DM/$12
Parallel cable 1541 (old)-C-64 - 15DM/$10 (we can also build it in for some additional prize and shipping)

Transfer cables for "Star Commander" or "CBM4linux":

X1541 cable (for 286/386/486-pcs) - 12DM/$7
XE1541 cable (for Pentium/AMD-pcs) - 22DM/$13
XM1541 cable (for Linux) - 22DM/$13

For online ordering these cables and downloading "Star Commander" take a look at

Paper magazines:

GO64!/Commodore World magazine (the most professional and frequent mag):
Sample issue, English or German version: 6DM/$3
Sample subscription with disk (3 issues): 27DM/$21
Subscription with disk (12 issues a year): 110DM/$64

For online-ordering and credit card ordering also look at and click on the shop there.

Commodore Scene (enthusiastic fanmag, quite frequent):

"With disk" means you have to choose between 5,25" and 3,5" disks!

A sample issue with disk: 10DM/$6
Sample subscription (half a year, 3 issues), no disk: 38DM/$23.50
Sample subscription, with disk: 43DM/$26
Subscription (one year, 6 issues), no disk: 70DM/$46.40
Subscription, with disk: 83DM/$51.20

The prizes in Pound Sterling are for UK only (no importing costs).

Commodore Zone (very cool but very unfrequent):

Sample issue: 10DM/$6

Ask for subscription details!


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