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Belgian Scene Past
by Commander/Role

What happened to the Belgian guys and girls who left our scene, that's what I am going to tell in this chapter (at least to try). It will be a small list with some well known Belgian sceners.

Dash/Pulsar left the scene in 1992. That guy has been a member of Pharao, Children of Science (COS), Role, F4CG and Pulsar. He rejoined the C-64 scene in the late 90's, but he left it again in 1999, the same as G/Role.

Reset/Transcom left the scene in the early 90's. He found a wife in Australia and moved also to this country. His C-64 is still as his parents' place in Belgium (Braine-Le-Comte). You can find him sometimes on Internet.

Brainkiller/Legend left the scene after he had been caught by the police for corrupting the phone-lines. He got such a big bill to pay that he was forced to leave the scene by his parents.

Clive/Fairlight left the scene shortly after he had left Motiv8 for Fairlight. He was a big swapper in the old days, but when his swapping was slowing down, it also went down with his activities for the scene.

Feezy/Oxygen (Belgian Oxygen! Sorry to the Polish guys in Oxygen, but the name already existed before!) left the scene after his fooling around with many scene-guys. He made a lot of enemies and he was forced to leave the scene by his parents.

Smokey/BCS left the scene because of the big pressure from bigger Belgian groups. Some of the bigger groups liked to wipe out the little groups from the scene. You can call these kind of groups scene killers. Legend was in that time a group-killer.

Goldfish/Legend left the scene in the early nineties. With him also some other important Legend-guys left and by the fact Legend died. Legend tried other computer systems to get popular again. Then Legend tried to enter the scene again by releasing old games as first releases. And again Legend died on the C-64. Goldfish's real name was Stijn Schutters.

The Outlaw/Wow left the scene after he got kicked out of Wow because of laziness. Glasnost/Legend left the scene in the early nineties. He was a dancer in a music group. He lived close to the French border in Mouscron.

Alf/Role left the scene in 1992 when he needed more his time for school. In the planned "Look at me II" - demo of Role, there will be an old and never used demo-part by Alf. Now he lives together with his girlfriend in Heverlee (Belgium) and he works at a bank-card company.

Matthew Star/Role left the scene in the early nineties because he went over to other computer-systems. His real name was Edwin Houben. He works in a Ford factory now.

The Chronic/Role left the scene in the late 90's. He tries to get job in a music-studio.

Sae and C/Role got psychologic sick. He left the scene in that period.

Skysurfer/Wow left the scene for Amiga. He lives on the Belgian coast. He has been also a member of Role. In 1992 he joined Wow and in the same year he left the scene.

Scipio/Miracle left the scene in 1992. He was a member of Role before Miracle. Miracle was kind of fake group. Most members of Miracle were in this group to rag on other people. Some of the Miracle members were still in other groups, but under another handle in Miracle they were ragging and playing around with other sceneguys. Those other sceneguys couldn't defend themselves because they didn't know who or where or what Miracle member were... Here is a list of those guys who were in Miracle under another handles: Cyborg/F4CG, Effy/Guardian Angels, Speedy/Argus, War/Role.

Kirk/Role left the scene in 1998. He left the scene because of his work.

Angie/Guardian Angels left the scene in the early nineties. She had too much work with her animals (she had a lot of cats and dogs!).

Dennis/Role left the scene in 1999 because of personnal problems with his divorce.

Jumpie/F4CG left the scene because of too little time for it. He did the most organising work in F4CG in that time. In that time the Belgian group NFC (New Formula Crew) joined completely F4CG and then the old F4CG was more Belgian based than Italian. Most of the organising happened in Belgium, especially by Jumpie. Later on Solar and Scorpie took over. Now F4CG is more Swedish based. But it seemes that F4CG is a bit dead...

Here are some group-names, which have been or are still (partly or fully) in Belgium : Legend, Wow, Guardian Angels, LOM, BCS, NFC, F4CG, COS, Miracle, Argus, Dragonsoft, Motiv8, Fairlight, Padua, Energy (NRJ), Pavillon7, TBP, Pulsar, TLS, Orion, Atrix, Unicess, Control, The Gamemasters, Bit Image, Acid-Crew, MVFS, Tiger-Crew (yes, that was the first time when the group-name "Tiger-Crew" has been used, it was not the same group as the German/Austrian group now), Transcom, Oxygen, Stardom, Front64, The Wim, The Commandofrontiers, BTS, Role, Virus, Blacklight,...

And the list can go on and on but my time is running out now. I hope you enjoyed this chapter.


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