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by Cactus/Oxyron

Hello and welcome, Dear Readers & Fans, to the new edition of my little disk magazine being released since April 2000 and named "ATTITUDE". I have seen no sense of waiting longer with the release, although it might seem quite a quick one for you because of my studies. I won't repeat myself, all of you know how much your free time is eaten by the real life. Only kids do not understand it, that's why they are blaming us for being lazy, which is completely untrue.

This edition was firstly supposed to be released in January/February 2003, but now we have April. Two main reasons for this little delay. I was waiting for two things: intro from Britelite and main graphics from several people. Britelite sent me his nice intro (thank you!) a week ago. The picture was promised by Flash. Since the last days of December 2002 he has been assuring me of sending promised picture within three days. It continued for the next two months... I have grown tired of his attitude, that's why I've asked Isildur to paint the main pic. He agreed, but I have never got what he promised, too. That's why in this edition you can see (again) hires picture by Colitt, which is in fact very nice, but it was also used in #4. I hope that there are still some active gfx'ers out there, so there can be a new gfx in #6.

This time "ATTITUDE" is being released with the same outfit as the previous edition was. No major changes, a few bugs have been fixed. The most important for You is probably the speed of proportional displayer. It was fixed by Fenek whom I'd like to thank very much for his great help, as usual it is the person you can always count on.

Three weeks ago Forever Quattro party was hosted by Trencin, Slovakia, and as it was stated by Wotnau, probably the biggest 8-bit-only multiplatform party of today. I'm just happy I was able to visit it this year, and I'm 99% sure I'll be back next year. The only sad thing was few demos. I hope that next year there'll be more C-64 releases, I'll do my best to prepare something nice by myself. Worth noticing is fact of the football match between C-64 scene vs Atari scene. We (of course) won 9:1.

I've received six exclusive tunes for this edition of magazine. Big thanks go to the composers! Each tune can be loaded by pressing the number 1-6. The following numbers stands for the musics below:

1. "iSol" by Vip/Cyberzound/Padua
2. "AudioMan" by Agemixer/Skalaria
3. "Mysterious Energy" by Orcan/React
4. "Brutal Clubbing" by Smalltown Boy/MSL
5. "Anna Stiina" by No-XS/Slash Design
6. "For Attitude #5" by Jammer/MSL/Samar

I hope you'll like the tunes, I do. :)

Just to remind you how to control the magazine: you can use joystick or keyboard (moving pages as usual). Leaving the chapter is executed when pressing RETURN, ESC or FIRE. F1 brings you back to the first page of the text, F7 allows to change the colours.

What about the contents? Except for the standard articles you can find some interesting texts, only scene or C-64 related. Some chapters have been written by Jailbird, who decided to join the editing crew. Welcome on board, Arnold! I insist on you reading the text about charts mainpulation by RRR. Scene related chapters contain party reports, party and magazine and demo reviews, and of course three interesting interviews (Fungus, Dane and Hollowman). For those interested in learning assembler, there are two texts: another part of Krill's "Maths In Ass" and Puterman's coding course.



code: Britelite/Dekadence
logo: RRR/Oxyron
picture: Deev/Onslaught
music: No-XS/Slash Design
fonts: Scarab/Samar


code: Cactus/Oxyron
add. code: Fenek/Arise
logo: RRR/Oxyron
picture: Colitt/De-Koder
fonts: Phobos/Samar
irq-loader: Sensei/Arise


main editor: Cactus/Oxyron
co-editors: Commander/Role, Jailbird/Booze Design, Puterman/Fairlight
legal critics: Alias Medron/Padua/Samar, HCL/Booze Design
guest editors: Krill/Plush, nd!/AlphaFlight1970, RRR/Oxyron
snailmail spreaders: Ramos/Samar, Stormfront/Excess, Zapotek/Nostalgia

(c) April 2003 OXYRON



- 4 anything concerning "ATTITUDE"!

Have fun reading this issue...


...on the first days of April 2003.

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