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Horizon Today
by Commander/Role

The chapter was put together by Commander/Role (with help from some ex-Horizon members).

Idea of this chapter: Commander/Role
Text: Commander/Role, Kjer (ex-Horizon), Bagder (ex-Horizon), Boogaloo (ex-Horizon)

Horizon has been a famous demo group in the past. The group was mainly based in Sweden. Nowadays many members are still in contact with each other. Horizon was the legend among the demo groups. Who hasn't heard of this group yet? This group became more famous and known because of their big C-64 copy parties. Some sceners will remember these good old days...

And now some of you may ask theirselves, what happened with the Horizon members when they stopped their activities in the scene. What do they do nowadays?

Well, I have asked some ex-Horizon members about it for you. Here are the stories...


I'm a consultant at a company with 60 consultants. It's the same place where Bagder, Zagor and Boogaloo also work at (we stick together). All day is full with programming, and the evening is used mostly for the same (though some family business tend to steal my time).

Programming languages are C and C++ and operating system is preferable Linux. I do a lot of webscripts, too. It reminds me of demo hacking - quick, dirty, effective and makes people happy.

No major project is on for my part today. Try a visit to our website at:

...and see our old demos.

Sorry for not writing more text.


And here follows BAGDER:

I was indeed a C-64 scener back in the late 80s and early 90s.

I got a job within the computer industry in 1991, at IBM and then everything just went on from there. Today, I'm a software consultant since many years, employed by Contactor AB (Based in Stockholm, Sweden) and I do embedded, network, Linux and Unix programming and developing on my day job. I also do a lot of open source hacking on my spare time (something like 10 to 15 hours a week or so), where I'm most active at the moment in the projects Curl, Rockbox and Subversion.

Full details here:

I'm married to Anja (, I love travelling to distant places and visit exotic cultures, I do enjoy white water kayaking but I do it far too seldom.

I'm still in touch with a bunch of other previous Horizon-members, as one of them (Zagor) is my brother and two others (Boogaloo and Kjer) were recruited to join the same company we worked for, and we all later (early year 2000) joined Contactor together and we all still work here.

I don't own any C-64 anymore, as we gave them away since they've broken down. Of course I get nostalgic at times and think about the old times, and one day I'll get myself a good C-64 emulator for my Linux box and run a lot of those old demos we made and just remember...

Right, I'm soon turning 32 years old. I was 14 when we bought our first C-64, me and my brother. Been programming since.

Have fun!

/Daniel Stenberg


I am a computer consultant at a company called Contactor Data AB. I also run a company together with Daniel Stenberg (Bagder) called Haxx HB (

I am married with children, my name is now Linus Nielsen Feltzing. At the moment I am at home, taking care of my newborn daughter, Smilla, and my wife Sara. She's our second child, we have a 3-year old son, Rasmus, too.

I am also one of the developers of an open source project called Rockbox, where we develop a firmware for the Archos Jukebox MP3 players, see for details.

Well, that's about it, I think.

In case you wonder: no, I haven't done any "scene stuff" since "The Last Traktor III" back in the old days... :)


Again Commander here...

Well, the stories of these three guys give us a good view on Horizon today!

I always like to dig in the past of the scene and maybe there's still something to come from me... Wait and see...


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