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Swapping Or Internet
by Commander/Role

There has been talked a lot about this subject. But what is it all about...?

The traditional swapping from the old days isn't anymore the same today. Why? Well, many people don't stick to traditions and many people don't care anymore about the warm feeling of swapping by post.

The Internet made it possible for sceners to have very fast communication in a very cheap way. The Internet made it also possible to exchange software very easily and fast.

And the Internet made it also possible to talk (type) LIVE at a very cheap price.

These had made it very easy for many sceners, which caused more lazyness, because many sceners were only caring about discussing things, having contact with the others, and so on... This takes from these sceners so much time, that there's not much time left for creating something for the C-64 (even when they can easily code their productions on an emulator). The contact they have is not always the same as the real contact of sending a package to your contact by post...

Okay, the Internet is fast, informates easier, brings more new sceners,... That's the positive side.

But the negative side is that the Internet has made a lot of sceners very lazy, more discussing things than creating things. The Internet also doesn't give that warm feeling of touching real friendship.

The negative side of old-fashion swapping is the slow contact, having software in a slow way (depending on the post), old information,...

The positive points of traditional swapping are the real friendship (you can touch it, you can put something into package which could have a touch of warm feeling to the contact, and this contact will know for sure that it is for real, because he can touch it, he can see it for sure!), more activity in creating something on C-64, feeling the real C-64, the cause of curiousity (what's now in the package?), riting cool notes (which have music in the background),...

Well, both the Internet and the traditional swapping have their good and bad sides.

I can say, the Internet gives the C64 scene something extra, but the real thing still happens with the traditional swapping! When traditional swapping is gone, the real feeling of the scene will disappear too: no good C-64 parties without real C-64, only a mask of friendship on the Internet (you never really know who's on the other side of the screen), the real C-64 atmosphere dies and more sceners on the Internet will be more and more lazy, because they will discuss more and more about the need of a C-64 scene... No real contacts in different countries anymore, the scene will become boring... Diskmags will die also, because they live thanks to the traditional swapping scene. Being only on Internet would make diskmags have no need of existence anymore.

Maybe we should better try to convince more and more people to enjoy also the traditional swapping because the scene is nothing without the swappers.

I hope that this text will bring more sceners to the real thing, even if it costs a bit more money! The Internet can never beat the atmosphere of real swapping, touching real diskcovers, seeing a nice letter in a note,...


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