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Scene News
by Cactus/Oxyron

In this article let me tell you what interesting happened to the C-64 scene in the last months. As usual BIG thanks must go to all those sceners, group leaders and other supporters, who helped me with collecting materials for this chapter.

There happens much more than many inactive sceners think. To prove that fact I recommend you reading this text and try to analyse how many people are still active in the scene!

All the news have been collected by...


* After a little break OXYRON is back with the new edition of "ATTITUDE". The next issue won't be released before June 2003 because of my studies. There will be a new outfit in #06 and more articles than in previous editions.

Current memberstatus: Cactus, Fanta, Graham, RRR.

* The leader of APIDYA group (REITER) asked me to correct a little misunderstanding published in the news chapter of "Attitude #4". The true is that there was flare-up between Reiter and Rea, but Rea hasn't left APIDYA group and currently he's their essential member. Although he was going to leave APIDYA, all the things have been cleared up inside the group.

* APIDYA is still working on their promised projects and they want to release them as soon as possible. The wares has been delayed due to some personal problems of several members.

* Kiler/Ind. has joined APIDYA as swapper and zine editor.

Current memberstatus: A.D.Arvell, Any, Cobra, Doc Of Desire, Drake, Frazes, Kiler, Rea, Reiter, Snerg, Spider, Thorgal.

* "Apidya Web Page" - new edition of APIDYA group website has been launched. The new user interface is offered and there's possibility to download more productions.

Go and visit

* Reiter/Apidya and Ramos/Samar cooperated in making sample music.

* There's another correction to "Attitude #4" news section needed. I wrote MSL is the short name of Music Sound Labs. Of course it's not true, because the group is named Multi Style Labs. I apologise all the members for this mistake.

* Fenek/Arise is going to code first Multi Style Labs C-64 music collection. Expect some fresh, high quality 6502 routines, tunes that touch various styles of composing and graphics by Jammer. Working title for the collection is "20 plus 1", which reflects the amount of tunes crammed in.

Current memberstatus: Jammer, Sidder, Smalltown Boy.

* Cleve/Amorphis has died. Our condolences to the family and his closest friends.

* Information from Ramos/Samar: "In 'Arachnophobia #26' the sixth tune was not composed by Factor6 but Taki. Was it written by accident or...? It's not the first such a mistake in this magazine".

* No new releases from BOOZE DESIGN, but a new short-term target is set to Floppy 2003. Also no changes in their memberstatus.

* BBT promises that BREEZE will be surely back, he still has a demo in his hands.

* Rough left CIVITAS and remains groupless, he see no sense being in a group these days. He keeps on developing his "Pirates Portal" homepage:

* "Publication #50", a disk magazine by Civitas, is still delayed due to heavy struggling BlackJack vs Time itself.

* Puterman left CIVITAS (and joined FAIRLIGHT), so the group is eagerly searching for a talented coder to join their forces.

* JSL/Samar/Protovision also decided to leave Civitas. He promised to keep up supporting them though, so you can expect some of his logo-works in upcoming Civitas-productions. Nightlord/Aesrude joined Civitas as his first group as coder.

Memberstatus: BlackJack, Chico, Doc of Desire, Exile, Lordnikon, Nightlord, Richard, Zeitgeist.

* "NITRO", a disk magazine from EXCESS, needs more support to be released. EXCESS is also searching for musicians.

Current memberstatus: Black Duke, Creb, Danzig, Eco, Ghost, H-Bloxx, Luka, Master S, Nameless, Red Rock, RHX, Sentinel, Spinball, Stormfront, Tadpole, The Pro, Variat.

* "Freax" project, a book about the history of the scene, is close to be finished, the C-64 chapters are already done. Release is planned to happen at the Assembly party. If anyone wishes to get updates about the project's status, there's an announcement list to sign up at

* Many new high quality cracks came from the Italian crew Hokuto Force in the last months. Just to mention a few titles: "Fist 2 +6&pic&dox", "Moon Buggy +1", "Storm Warrior +5&pic&dox",...

Current memberstatus: Anx, Mr.Fox, Komyx, The Last Ninja, The Overkiller.

* At the moment "VANDALISM NEWS #40" is in the making. This cooperative effort by Wrath and Onslaught will be a celebration issue called The Ruby Edition. Expect it in March/April.

* Shapie/Onslaught released a small one page demo called XMAS Card from Onslaught to the scene in December 2002. His music and graphic collection is a little delayed but will be released soon once minor bugs are fixed.

* Ashkan joined ROLE as graphician. Intensity rejoined ROLE as his third group after some years, as musician and graphician. He is a member of Cosine and Onslaught also.

* ONSLAUGHT did some nice first releases lately. As a Christmas treat, they released "Sceptre Of Baghdad II" together with TRIAD. More recently they first released the new preview of "Abrakadabra" which is the upcoming game by Mermaid/Creators/Crest.

* Future plans of ONSLAUGHT:
- "Back On Track" - music collection by Shapie
- "By The Way" - logo collection by Shapie
- "Vandalism News #40 - Ruby Edition"
- "Speed" (multispeed SID collection in coop with Shape and Creators)
- "Rage 2" (demo by Jolz, SounDemon, Deev and guests)
- "Past & Present 2" (music by Drax, code by Stryyker, gfx by Jailbird)
- "Nostalgic Visuality" (gfx collection)

Current memberstatus: Jazzcat, Vengeance, Slator, TMM, Almighty God, AMB, BA, Booker, DaFunk, Deev, DJB, Fade, Fungus, Intensity, Jolz, Kickback, Leming, Macx, Naphalm, Praiser, Scratcher, Shapie, Stash, SounDemon, TMR, Trouble, Ultimate Hacker, GRG.

* ONSLAUGHT ANTIQUES, the oldie-game cracking group, has recently uploaded some new games to These titles are: "Rick Dangerous II" (the original tape used cyberload, 7 trainers, IFFL linked and the instructions in a separate file) and "Ninja Spirit" (cracked from tape (cyberload) and with 9 trainers it is a very nice version, high score saver has been installed and docs are included). Recently released by them was a mega trained version of "Dynasty Wars".

* WRATH DESIGN got a new member. His handle is Microgroover, who joined as musician.

* Pad64 has joined TIDE, the group that is currently working on "The Beergarden #10" and "Ozsi64 #15".

Current memberstatus: Antoman, Iceland, Pad64, Stryyker, Tomz.

* Jazzcat is working on "DOMINATION #18" at the moment, which is a special edition on the SID chip and C-64 music. It is due for release in early March. His Magazine Archive project has been delayed but appears to be back on track with some other individuals lending a hand.

* CUC and FLASH joined OBSESSION cover group as cover designers. SERIO left AUTHORITY cover group (thereby it has died) and joined OBSESSION as cover designer.

The recent releases from the group are: "My Daddy is Cool!" - one sided diskcover by Serio (January 2003) and "Homo-Twist" - picture by Cuc (January 2003).

Current memberstatus: Cuc, Flash, Magnate, Serio.

* CBMHardware has joined PEOPLE OF LIBERTY as coder, graphician and hardware expert. SATYR left the C-64 scene and so the group. RICHARD/CIVITAS has joined the group as musician.

Current memberstatus: CBMHardware, Crome, Der Fuchs, Drake, Megatron, Merman, Nafcom, Phyrne, Psychodad, Richard, Satyr, Spatz, The Overkiller, Truss, Wormaus.

* Two new games are now obtainable from PROTOVISION. "Blocks" is a typical puzzle game in the style of "Joshua" (a bit similar to "Sokoban") with great design and brilliant music. Another game is a very simple pacman clone and is called "Monsters".

Current memberstatus: Andre Zschiegner, Big User, CKX, Courage, Fenek, GRG, Jak T Rip, JSL, MacGyver, Mermaid, Mr. Musique, Poison, Sputnick, The Blue Ninja, Thunderblade, TMT, Yogibear.

* Starfighter returned to the C-64 scene and he rejoined ROLE as swapper and mag editor.

* ROLE released 27th and 28th issues of their disk magazine "Rock'n Role" in December 2002.

* The old German CBM 64 legend "Section 8" is back in business and presenting (S)VCD releases with a CBM 64 intro linked in front.

* Alpha Flight 1970 has updated the highly respected "Planet Alpha" Flash production in pure CBM 64 style containing original CBM 64 music and artwork. Furthermore certain CBM 64 based Flash versions of certain classic titles can be found there. Don't hesitate to visit

* SAMAR is working on the first webpage of this popular Polish group.

* The new releases from SAMAR group that came out in the middle of February are "SID Victory 2" and "Scarlet Music Coll. 2".

* SAMAR grabbed some new member lately, they are: Ivan (musician), Risk0 (graphician) and Raf (tools

Current memberstatus: Ramos, Centrax, Phobos, Aristo, JSL, Viper, Alias Medron, MacArthur, Ivan, Jammer, Bzyk, Isildur, Risk0, Raf.

* Darkman, Warlock and Everlast have rejoined SCHN.

Current memberstatus: Archangel, Darkman, Everlast, Flash, Warlock.

* IDE64 DOS was made open source by Soci.

* Vincenzo/Molecoola joined SINGULAR as musician.

Memberstatus: Cargo, Leon, Poison, Soci, Vincenzo.

* Sailor is back on the TRIAD list of active members and will function as coder and cracker again.

* VISION PARTY will be held on 6-9 June 2003. For more information visit

* Extend's Uncovered Cover-site is open:

* Forgotten Ideas - disk cover competition.

Forgotten Ideas, the competition for the best disk cover organized by Magnate is the attempt to make the cover business a bit more active. The deadline is the 31st of May 2003.


This news chapter has been written some weeks ago, so most of the news may seem not much actual to you. Apologies for that, the reasons for delayed release of the magazine has been explained in the editorial. Now I want to say that it is probably the last time when the news chapter (or at least the news chapter in this kind of traditional way) is being published in "Attitude" magazine.

We all understand that the news chapters are simple disk fillers these days because of the fact that all the news can be immediately read at the most popular C64 portals on the Internet. It's a nonsense to type the news in the disk magazine, which could be read two months ago at That's why I want to not include news chapter in "Attitude" anymore. There might be an article called "Scene News" in the next editions of my magazine, but it will surely not be presented in the way it was being made for the last years.

I hope most of you will agree with me.


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