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Radwar 2002 Report
by -nd-!/Alpha Flight 1970

Location: N8Galerie, Heinsberg, Germany
Type: oldschool
Date: November 9th-10th 2002

Radwar #10 ruled - but there will be no #11

Radwar 2002 was planned as the final Radwar-Party. Many of the people (including the organizers) who joined the large Radwar 2000 came to the decision that 2002 would be the final C-64 oldschool party.

This decision has been reversed! The response to the party was absolutely amazing. Most of the participants voted the Radwar 2002 as the best (Radwar-)Party ever. The Radwar 2003 event has been approved again just like meetings at IRATA's birthday party, the legendary Radwar paintball massacres and the Danish Gold Autumn 2003.

Who joined the party?

I never drank as many drinks as I did at that party. I had a mixture of about six different kinds of beer and four different kinds of cocktails, but I still remember talking to Steve (TRSI), Apollo and Lincoln (PDX), MWS, TC, Marty, Crazy, AVH, and all the others from Radwar, Sphinx (Danish Gold), some of the guys from Tristar, ZAZ and Speedcracker (TWG, Elite), Mr.Mueckter (Digital Marketing). See also chapter "Thanks to". But my favourite guys that night were MWS (FCG, RWE, TLC, Elite), Duke (FCG, RWE, TLC), Irata (FCG, TLC, RSI, TRSI) and o.b. MWS hasn't changed in the last 15 years - only his hair is a little shorter. He is still that party animal everybody has known for years. Duke won the boozing competition which must be mentioned in a more complete summary of the party. Irata and o.b. were the main characters in "Party Highlight #2".


Radwar 2002 took place in the discotheque N8Galerie in Heinsberg, started at 18.15h and morphed into a 1980 years party at 23.00h. There were no computers. We listened to strange SID's and remixes for the first hours before the party moved on. The entrance fee was about 5 Euro including a buffet. I think there were about 50 oldschoolers mixed in with a few still active sceners.

Party Highlight #1: C-64 allstars

While other legends like E.T. (AEK, FAME), RRR (AFL) and Jeff Smart (Illegal Magazine, Triad) couldn't join our party crew, there were still a few well-known guys in our car: Pershy (Strike Force), General Zoff (NBB, Movers, Elite), mAtt (Haujobb), Irata and me, -nd-! (AFL). Soon we were calling ourselves the A-Team (it refers to all-star team as much as to the TV crew in that black Van). Pershy was dubbed Hannibal for smoking a fat Havanna cigar. mAtt appeared as BA while General Zoff looked like Faceman. And -nd-! was caught acting like Murdock (see "Party Highlight #4"). A few days before the party we decided to found the C-64 allstars in order to find the VIPs of the oldschool days and get them together in one team. Therefore, I designed a special kind of C-64 allstars t-shirt including a logo on the back, a fat star with the number, handle and group membership on the chest. and a personalized logo on the sleeves. Although only five persons wore the shirt, we were one of the magnets of the party. Everybody wanted to know about the C-64 allstars though it is an act still in its infancy. Actually I collected orders for about 25 new oldschoolers shirts.

Party Highlight #2: Irata vs o.b.

We had Jeff Smart's shirt in the car while we were at the party. As we reached a high level of drunkeness, o.b. asked Pershy for the car keys. A few minutes later he came in, wearing the shirt. Then he saw that Irata exploded. Everybody who knows Irata knows that that could have become a very critical situation. If you are a friend, he is always friendly, helpful and kind. But beware of becoming an enemy!!! While o.b. tried to justify himself, Irata repeated only one sentence, I think about six times while getting louder and louder: "Blasphemy! Remove that shirt, you worthless %&'(#!!!" Soon, more and more people wanted to see the real-life comic strip, with the heavyset Irata shouting at the petty little o.b. I think there were about 20 people around the two toons when o.b. threw the shirt in the dust. "Next time I'll undress you completely!", said Irata, picking up the shirt... It was as close to a bleeding nose as it was in the golden days when Jeff Smart was around. This time his shirt alone satisfied him. Sorry you couldn't see that, Jeffy!

Party Highlight #3: friendship rules

Most of the guests stood together around tables or in front of the bar for hours drinking dozens of beers, Jaegerbulls and Vodkabulls, debating about the elite of the good old times. It was such a friendly and euphoric atmosphere, as if time had stood still for the last 15 years. The atmosphere reminded me of strange things that happened in the 1980s. I think that the oldschoolers have got close together again. We have to thank Radwar for this great event, and it is up to us to conserve what is still left in our heads and in our hearts. I promise that I'll do my best to bring the final frontier closer to you with C-64 allstars project - and I'll join as many oldschool parties as I can...!

Party Highlight #4: -nd-! and his bicycle

When the C-64 allstars A-Team left the party in the early morning I was so pissed that I wanted to ride someone else's bicycle. I couldn't understand why it was locked. My friends in the A-team wanted to carry me into the car, but I clung to the bike while one of my arms and both legs reached toward the sky! It was as if that I was glued to it. Finally mAtt, Pershy and General Zoff stuck their heads together, developing a diabolic plan. They said it would be OK if I rode home by bike, but they'd be sorry if I missed the final beer in the car. ARGHH! They finally got me. And there was no beer left. I should have known better!

See you next year! I'll come by train - no friends left!

Thanks to (no order):
- All old and new C-64 allstars (#0001-0050)
- Flash Cracking Group (FCG)
- The Light Circle (TLC)
- Alpha Flight 1970 (AFL)
- Radwar Enterprises 1941 (RWE)
- New Balance Bochum (NBB)
- The Movers (MOV)
- Strike Force (SF)
- Red Sector Incorporated (RSI)
- Tristar
- Tristar and Red Sector Incorporated (TRSI)
- The Wanderer Group (TWG)
- Speedcracker (SPC)
- Danish Gold (DG)
- Beermacht
- Hitmen
- Digital Excess
- Elite
- Fantasy Cracking Service (FCS)
- New Edition
- Level 99
- Paradox (PDX)
- Axiom-1
- X-Ample
- Avancada
- The Dreams
- Sub Zero
- The Silents
- and everyone I've forgotten!

Look at for party pictures.

-nd-! (AFL1970, C-64 allstars #0001)

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