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Another Charts Poll
by Cactus/Oxyron/Padua

Would you accept removing the rule not to vote for your groupmates when filling in a votesheet for "Attitude"? Personally, I think it's a bit ridiculous, because as a member of OXYRON and PADUA I can't vote for Graham, Lubber, Fanta, RRR, Vip, (...) even though it's well-known they're great in their professions! Here you have the answers from sceners, who wanted to share their opinions on this matter with us...


I suppose if you really vote honest, there should be no problem at all. If you see an obvious friendship vote from someone, you can just ban that person from voting (when done after 3 times for example).


Absolutely not. These rules are the old and the right way. Here is the rules for both the magazines I'm involved in:

"Vandalism News" by Onslaught and Wrath Designs voting:

* Do not vote for Onslaught or Wrath or any of their members or group productions in our charts.

* Do not vote for yourself, your group(s), productions of your group(s) and other members of your group(s) in our charts.

"Domination" by Jazzcat:

* Do not vote for Domination or Jazzcat in the chart.

As you can see, this enforces the key factor of a decent scene chart that is respected - objectivity.

If the people/groups/productions excluded from each magazine's chart because of these rules provides quality stuff - then no one should be concerned, as they are bound to appear in another magazine anyway. Just because I can't include my group in the "Vandalism" charts doesn't mean it won't deserve a place in another magazine.

Think about it - tradition and pride!


This rule isn't good for me too. Anyway, I think that today's charts are irrelevant.


It's your mag dude, you can bend the rules a little. :) I agree with you. I vote for who ever I think is the best, I think at the guy first and not at the group. Hey! If they are my groupmates, it's even more cooler.


Yes, since I never do that...


It might be, that the chance of upvoting own groupmembers is not that high anymore - still I think it is a matter of honor not to vote for your own people. As less and less people seem to have a feeling for things like honor, keep this rule.


Well, I can't vote for Hollowman anymore, since I joined Fairlight. But I think it's a good rule that you can't vote for your groupmates, as it'd probably lead to more friendship votes, and those are problematic enough already.


Yes, I would accept the rule. This is because you're actually cheating, voting for a member who is still in your group and it would be unfair for the other voters.


I'm not sure. True, you can't unappreciate your groupmates' unquestionable skills if this rule is present. On the other hand though, it's quite obvious that you can't be objective in that case - due to friendship between you and your groupmates. I have a perfect cure for that - avoid multi-membership. ;)


Selfvoting is stupid, it would result in influenced results. It is normal to appreciate your teammates, but voting on them is unfair.


Well, my opinion about that is a bit like yours. Variat, our graphican and swapper who is back in buizz again, is one of the best swappers around. And he deserves all votes he can get, for his graphics too!


Opening up the voting to groupmates also opens up the chance to abuse the charts, regardless of how objective people try to be it's hard to *NOT* vote for someone you know/work with. I can't vote for people in three crews, I don't bother filling in votesheets...


I never understood why you shouldn't vote for you groupmates, anyway. On the other side I'm not too sure about your argumentation, because actually I wouldn't want to see RRR voting for himself, although he surely is a great graphician and deserves the vote. Self-voting is of course out of question anyway, but your argumentation consequently leads here. Anyway, here's another: actually friendship voting is a plain fact all over most any magazine's charts and you don't exactly hold back folks from that by prohibiting votes for groupmates. Just why? Because: what does "friendship voting" actually mean? Means, someones votes for another because he or she is his or her "friend", iow. good or even best contact. Okay, quite some of those will be in the same group as the voter will. But others won't, so what you do when prohibiting votes for groupmates is excluding only a PART of that group we can address as "friends" of some specific voter. Now: excluding only a part of that group while you allow another part of that very group to get votes. Where's the equality and fairness here? Perfect scholastic agrumentation, isn't it? :) See, I learned my lesson from good Thomas of Aquin, hehe.


Well, after reading all these opinions I came to the same conclusion as Ninja: "I think it is a matter of honor not to vote for your own people". But the fact is that it would open up the chance to abuse the charts, and we in "Attitude" don't want to be accused of abusing. That's why this rule will stay, however it was nice to read what other people think about it.


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