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Emulators Poll
by Cactus/Oxyron/Padua

In times when many of C64 people use emulators, I wonder which one is better: "Vice" or "CCS"? That's why I've created this little opinion poll to discuss the topic. And here you have the answers from various sceners... The following question had been sent to them: "Which emulator 'CCS' or 'Vice' is better? And why? For what reasons you think that one is better than another?"


I think "Vice" is "better" because unlike "CCS" it actually runs on my Linux box. Beeing open source doesn't make "Vice" the better program, but from a "political" point of view I like that very much. It ensures the survival of the emulator even if today's programmers leave the project, whereas a closed source emulator is condemned to extinction if the programmer(s) loose interest and software and hardware evolves.


I have hardly ever worked with "CCS" (Linux), but as remember it wasn't too bad. If I use an emulator it is "Vice" (on Linux and Windows), but I have to say that has a few bugs itself. After a while it behaves weird and crashes (the Windows version). It is more just lazyness that I don't know much about "CCS". :)


I use both. But personally I prefer "Vice" because it has better SID emulation. But I rarely bother with them anyway, the C64 is set up on the desk next to my PC in the same room. ;)


"Vice" runs on Windows, and it is good (the new "CCS 3.0" is also for Windows, but it is still beta version and it needs "DirectX 9"). But "CCS" has much better file system - you can use files from PC harddisk (while "Vice" needs a "D64" image). "Vice" uses better WARP mode, and generally it's better.


Well, "Vice" is the best at the moment and although "CCS64" got Kailera support and some dudes are playing "Archon" in multiplayer over the net (read the forums from Lemon64), I think "Vice" will get this option too, the Vice-x for XBOW, released these days has this option.


I prefer "CCS64", just because of better emulation. "Vice" has that "Windows"-like look and feel, but for good and nearer emulation "CCS64" is always the best. The new version 3 beats them all. :)


I like "Vice" a bit better. The biggest plus is, that it is a free, portable open-source project. Then, it supports way more hardware devices. Its drawback is, that it needs more resources. "CCS v2.0b" is a lot more efficient on low-end machines.


Absolutely "Vice". "CCS" is interesting because it is small program, but sound in this emulator is terrible. Try to compare it with "Vice". With selecting resid and interpolate method in "Vice" you get serious fidelity of sounds like in real C64. It is not still 100% real C64 but I am very satisfied with it. Of course I still compose on the real C64. Recently I was talking with authors of SID emulation of VIC (Dag Lemm and Simon White) and I wanted if they are able to make a small program like "playsid" with aplicated resid with interpolate method. I am still waiting. :)


It is hard to say, I don't really like "CCS" on the SID side, because it hardly uses the SID filters properly, but "CCS" can handle the VIC a whole lot better compared to "Vice". "Vice" can go dolally sometimes, after typing a few keys, for example, typing in a BASIC listing, a long string of text, etc. causing the program to lock the keyboard for some strange reason. :)


"Vice" is better in terms of fidelity. Listen to some music under "CCS" and you'll know that soon. However, "CCS" is perfect for gaming purposes - fullscreen, convenient joystick emulation - and has an excellent monitor (somehow, I can't get used to the one implemented in "Vice"), which I consider unbeatable and use it often for debugging, ripping music etc. On the whole, "Vice" is better, but "CCS" has certain advantages that still make me use "CCS" more frequently than "Vice".


"CCS", although DOS based, is much better, it has been developed years and years ago. "Vice" is easier to control (WIN based) and is still being improved, maybe one day it will be better than "CCS".


Well, I did not use the "new" version of the "CCS64", but I had some problems with it in the past. So I mostly use "Vice". The best is only the original (ehm, my Commodore 64 with Dolphin Dos v3.0) computer!


Depends on the job, at the moment "Vice" is more accurate, but with "CCS 3" just out and back into some form of production that may change again.


Anyway, better use the real thing. :)


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