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Low Quality Demos
by Oswald/Resource & Puterman/Fairlight

The question I have asked myself was about the low quality of today's demos (check out LCP, North or Breakpoint). As I'm not a demo coder, I can't say much about it. That's why I've decided to ask a few people for stating their opinions on this subject. Why there are so few demos today? And why most of them is of such a low quality?



Well, I bet that some of the guys out there will kill me for this, but in my very honest opinion simply the scene is dying. :( I think the reasons for this are: 1. people are continuosly loosing motivation, this always happened, but: 2. we don't have enough fresh power, to deal with this... So what is happening is this. These low quality demos were always around I think, but there were always some nice productions, so you could just simply forget about them. Another thing, I was thinking these days of, is that when I joined the scene in 1996 the number of active sceners only in Hungary was about as much as today in the world, I think. The scene is shrinking. I find myself to learn each active person's name through their productions, web forums, IRC, etc. The talented coders left the scene or went inactive, and this is what we have now sadly. This is also a self powering mechanism I guess. I was always the most motivated by kick ass demos, I just always wanted to beat them, to make something even more fucking impressive. These days I could outdo the most effects released without any problem, I just should pick some of my unreleased effects from my diskboxes, which were left there since I thought of them they are not good enough. Also I don't quite get the feeling like a few years ago, that there's an audience out there which takes care if I release a demo. But this is to some degree could be my fault aswell. Around 96-97 I was interviewed by "Driven", and they asked me how long I will produce demos. My answer was: as long as there will be people out there that will take care about it. I also feel a bit guilty as I haven't released anything since years. But you know, I always want to release effects that wasn't really done before (in terms of resolution, speed, type), and it became awfully fucking hard to show something new after all those 20 years spent reaching the impossible... Well, I think we almost reached it, but there's still a few nanometers left, and that's what keeps me here. :) I guess the way for not so talented demo coders is what Hollowman shows to us, it's simply freaking awesome what he does. :) Hey coders we fucking don't want to see yet another plasma, yet another radial plasma, yet another whirlpool, yet another glenz vector, yet another... PUKE!!! It's possible to make a nice demo without them! And I don't mean you need to do some texture-phonged-raytraced shit... Just be ORIGINAL, use your CREATIVITY, and don't bore us please with effects done thousands time, done ten times better. Thank you. :)



Well, the number of releases and their quality has been decreasing in the last couple of years, and 2002 was definitely an alltime low. It also seems like 2003 will be a pretty rotten year, with few highlights. However, I think the LCP releases were decent, especially if you compare with other parties of the same number of visitors (and if you compare with previous LCP parties, at least it doesn't seem to be getting worse). What is most disappointing is of course Breakpoint, considering how big the German scene has been in the past. In the last couple of years they haven't exactly amazed us, though. As for North Party, it was a disappointment, but the Polish scene hasn't been very active since 1998, so I wasn't expecting much from this party either.


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