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Mailtrading is something special, mostly made by a long note which is written. It's a warm feeling, different from the Internet. On the Internet everything goes fast, mostly without so many words and feelings explained like in the snailmail note. Mailtrading is needed, because there are still a lot of people who can't afford Internet or who are simply not on the Internet. Also these people want to get all the C64 warez! Because some people don't like the snailmail scene to be considered as a second place versus the first place of the Internet, these people sometimes put the release date of a release a little bit further (like in the old days happened!), so it can be first spread by snailmail and so the snailmail people feel themselves also important to the scene. The snailmail people really feel themselves as the part of a big scene (Internet and snailmail). And don't forget: some coders (like Holy Moses) don't have access to the Internet, so thanks to the snailmail people these coders' products still can be spread to the whole scene. Snailmail is maybe oldskool, but oldskool can have its charm too.



Good mailtraders are like an art. The way to put different things together onto a disk, checking if it's all error-free, writing something personal (sometimes) in a noter... Who knows if the active guys under us have all the latest releases around? You can get much of these releases from the Internet. But not all. I'm sure that most of us would like to get a nice pack of disks from a scenefriend (swapmate) with a nice letter on the disk than taking everything out of the Internet and collect them on the HDD of the PeeCee without any spirit. A fact is that mailtrading slowes down like never before. This happens and we knew that before. And people who did not swap a longer time are telling that the scene dies, nothing happened, nothing new, bla bla bla... But if an active scener tell them that his opinion is wrong and many new warez are around, this guy and that guy is still active and so on, they mostly redecide to get active again. :)


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