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The Making Of Speed Collection
by Jazzcat/Onslaught & GRG/Shape


"Speed" is a unique music demo on the C64, development took quite a while but eventually we got there. The project started as a discussion between DJB and myself. DJB had been experimenting more and more with multispeed and DIGI using the "Sid Duzz It" editor and he proposed that we do a special music collection that focuses on multispeed and digi. I liked this idea as I haven't seen a collection that breaks the normal barrier, most collections contain *mainly* single speed tunes.

We discussed the name of the collection and found that "Speed" was rather fitting.

Originally the project was between two groups only, Onslaught and Shape. An intro was coded by TMR and then we got to the point of outfit graphics. My good friend Mermaid was chatting to me and I mentioned the project and she said she could do the graphics for the entire production. This altered the original plans significantly. Not only was the original intro (a nice one I might add) scrapped, but it now meant the project was to be brought out under three groups.

Onslaught - outfit code, music
Shape - music
Creators - graphics and design

Normally only one or two groups could handle a C64 production, but we realised that it didn't matter how many people were involved. The main focus was quality and originality.

I came up with the idea of how it should look. TRAINS! There were three things that made me want to use a train as our axis of design. Firstly, trains haven't been used much on C64 before. Secondly, they would look nice as moving graphics. Lastly, as a novelty, my good friend Derbyshire Ram/Remember loves trains, so I thought he might get a kick out of the style. :)

The months passed and different things happened that caused delays. Mermaid and myself had personal problems in life that caused set-backs. My father passing away was one of them. On a positive note, this gave the musicians involved further time to create new music, thus the production got much larger (originally only around 20 sids with the end result being 46 sids).

We were determined to make the production a living reality. It was launched at the LCP party in Sweden and has received quite positive feedback. Not only were people impressed with the main point of the demo - the music - but they also drooled over the design and graphics of the collection as well as the very smart outfit coded by my local friend Stryyker.

The result - something different than the normal music collection - the goal we wanted to achieve. I am very proud of this production and of the dedication of those involved!



I agree with Jazzcat on the result, but he forgot to mention that the collection really kicks ass!

A few of the multispeed tunes I made around 1996-1999 had already been used for music competitions when the idea for the collection came up. Having that in mind I thought it would be rather silly to release them again. A re-release of old songs, hehe... But the main point for the collection was multispeed tunes, so eventually I got used to the idea.

Dwayne, being a drummer in a band around 1998, did a bunch of tunes that impressed me alot, I offered him a full time membership in Blues Muz' because of those. It took almost 5 years before someone else but us got to listen to those in this collection.

As development time took longer than wanted I got quite fed up on the project and I might have released some of the tunes intended for this project elsewhere. No offence guys, but 3 years of waiting is a long time! During this delay I kept improving my digi player to do more clever stuff (you can hear the result by listening to Ayla partyshaker, Pilz and Weirdo).

Finally, earlier this year I heard rumours about the collection was due to be released at LCP. So I found work disks and included a music player on a couple of more tunes I had as spares. SOMEONE forgot - of course - to send the most recent version of the Tarsang song to Mermaid for the note file.

You should be able to grab a v1.1 of "Speed" with bugfixes on the Onslaught site now. Jazzcat just told me it was finished, and that my dear readers means a re-re-release for some of my songs. ;)



This is the thing that got me interested in joining Onslaught. A few weeks after agreeing to code the collection I had some tunes sent to me. It progressed quickly for a few months then stagnated for a number of reasons. It was a great thrill to hear some of the unreleased tunes. I'm not sure what the crew thought of the early previews but I hope they was pleasantly surprised by the end result. From a very early stage the whole thing was to run on 3.5" floppies and have tune saving (try the v1.0 release by pressing run/stop). The 5 speed tune with samples was the hardest to work with as it used huge raster time and made me readjust my timing tables for 5 speed tunes. I hope it never shows the brief bugs it used to. About half way along I changed the loader which introduced some minor issues which some people seem to have but it mostly works reliably and quicker than the old version. Over 30+ preview versions I'm pleased people like it. I was surprised to see the selector area didn't slow down too much with the heavy CPU usage tunes. I hope this collection inspires some more people to make music.


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